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Listen to the latest single »Fire In The Temple« by Swedish epic doom metal quartet Woodland!

After »Woodland«, »The Deep Bowels« Of Hel and »Fimbulwinter«, Swedish epic doom metal quartet Woodland revealed the fourth single »Fire In The Temple« taken from their upcoming debut full-length album.

All music and lyrics by Woodland.

Woodland is a massive riff machine from Borlänge, Sweden. The sound is centered around epic guitar driven riffs, dual guitar harmonies, and soaring vocals. The players have decades of experience, and draw from wide palette of influences to create their world of sound. The foundation is epic doom, tinted with dark suggestive themes, heavy grunge grooves, and occasional folk tones.

Photo by Ma Lou Skoglund

Featuring current and former members of Thalamus, Gudars Skymning, Karmanjaka, Tungsinnet, Renaissance Of Fools and more.

Woodland is:
Fredrik Haake – Drums
Knut Hassel – Guitar
Kjell Bergendahl – Vocals, Guitar
Peter Johansson – Bass, Vocals

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