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Age Of The Wolf and Tel presents their new split album »Vigils«, out now via Electric Talon Records

Costa Rican sludgers Age Of The Wolf and US doom metal band Tel presents their new split album, entitled »Vigils«, which was just released on August 13th, 2021 via Electric Talon Records.

»Vigils« includes five new tracks from the two bands, and showcases some of the finest riffs you will hear in 2021 from these up and coming groups. »Vigils« is available now on all major digital platforms, as well as the CD and Cassette through the Electric Talon Bandcamp.

01. Age Of The Wolf – Priestess Of Cledones
02. Age Of The Wolf – Slaves To The Riff
03. Tel – Punish
04. Tel – Downer
05. Tel – Salvation

Courtesy of Electric Talon Records:

United States based melodic doom lords Tel and Costa Rica based sludge masters Age Of The Wolf connected with each other through social media back in late 2019, having both released their debut albums within a few months of one another. In spite of the thousands of miles between them, the two bands quickly developed a strong relationship- sharing a love for heavy and dark music. As a result, both bands committed to releasing a split together. This endeavour was to become »Vigils«. Work on »Vigils« began during the COVID-19 pandemic as both bands took the time in quarantine to continue strengthening their craft and writing new material. The result of this work led to a split which can best be described as a diverse, yet cohesive, doom metal release. The cold, atmospheric works of Tel and the loud, fuzz-driven approach of Age Of The Wolf take opposite sides of the same coin; with both bands performing heavy, aggressive, and intense sounding music in their own unique manners. Following both the completion of the record as well as the the hook-up with Philadelphia based record-label Electric Talon Records in April of 2021, »Vigils« is now slated for a August 13th, 2021 release.

Age Of The Wolf (Tracks 1-2)

Christopher De Haan – Guitar, Vocals
Jorge Camacho – Bass, Vocals
Gabriel Ortiz – Drums, Vocals
J.C. Zuñiga – Guitar,Vocals

Produced by Age Of The Wolf.
Recorded by Marcos Monnerat at Stereorat. Los Yoses. San Pedro, Costa Rica.
Mixed and mastered by Haldur Grunberg at Satanic Audio (Dopelord, Behemoth, Belzebong, Sunnata,

Tel (Tracks 3-5)

Dante DuVall – Vocals, Piano
Michael Potts – Guitars
Ed Fierro – Bass
Matt Grigsby – Drums

All music and lyrics by Tel.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC.
Band photography by Rachel Pruett.
Live photography by Randy Byrd.

Quotes on the release:

Tel: “Tel are thrilled to be releasing this new material with our friends in Age Of The Wolf, as we feel this material perfectly reflects our moods on how the chaos and tension of the past year have affected us and the rest of the world. This will be the first release to show us taking on a slightly cleaner and more melodic approach, while still staying true to our sludgy doom roots. This is easily our best material so far, and we think people will be impressed by how much we have matured as musicians.”

Age Of The Wolf: “Age Of The Wolf’s side of the split plunges into a two song concept dealing with self-discovery, pilgrimage and a lot of big riffs. Destiny and false perceptions play a role in where we choose to dive in, and where we go from there. The sound of the band is a mix between new, heavier sludge doom bonanza and gigantic stoner doom passages.”

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