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American doom metal band Grave Next Door release spooky music video for the track »Charnel House«

American doom metal band Grave Next Door release spooky music video for the track »Charnel House« taken from their debut album, »Sanctified Heathen«, out on March 18th, 2022 via Black Doomba Records.

01. Thor
02. Bloody Nuns
03. Witch Head
04. As Heavy As Texas
05. Charnel House
06. Sanctified Heathen
07. Sand in the Blood
08. Nuclear Winter
09. Bloody Nuns (Live Bonus Track)

Courtesy of C Squared Music:

Just in time for Halloween, doom metal band Grave Next Door have released a spooky video for their track »Charnel House«. The song is from their album »Sanctified Heathen« which was recently relesaed via Black Doomba Records.

The band comments: “»Charnel House« was inspired by Henry Miller’s book Tropic Of Cancer. Miller used the archaic term »Charnel House« in this sentence: ‘The cradles of civilization are the putrid sinks of the world, the charnel house to which the stinking wombs confide their bloody packages of flesh and bone.’

The song is about being trapped in a tomb of the past by one’s own mistakes and misery. The tortured soul seals his own fate by not forgiving himself and living in the past no matter how bad he wants to be free he can not free himself from his past and has therefore destroyed his future by not letting go and moving forward. At the same time he is dead and he doesn’t even realize it. He is the quintessential tortured soul rotting in his own tomb of self inflicted misery.”

Formed back in 2018 by brothers Patrick and Anthony Salerno, and aptly named after the graveyard situated next to their home, Grave Next Door delves into the dark and macabre. Drawing from the iconic sounds of Black Sabbath, Black Flag and even Cream, all blended with the trio’s individual edge. »Sanctified Heathen« sees the band deliver brutally heavy distortion, doom grooves and powerful vocals. A morbid exploration awaits with lyrical themes of addiction, mortality, war, and their own personal experiences seeping through the album.

Order »Sanctified Heathen« here:

Grave Next Door is:
Patrick Salerno – Drums
Anthony Salerno – Guitar/Vocals
Travis Soleski – Bass

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