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American doombrass band Eight Foot Manchild to release a self-titled EP on December 2nd; listen to the first single »Monoliths And Monkeymen«!

Medford, Massachusetts based self-proclaimed doombrass band Eight Foot Manchild is gearing up to release a self-titled EP on December 2nd, 2022.

You can listen to the first single »Monoliths And Monkeymen« below!

Eight Foot Manchild grew out of friendships formed in the HONK Festival community – a global family of street brass bands that began with the original HONK Fest in Somerville, MA in 2006. After playing in various bands in this network for a number of years, bandleader Dylan Foley formed EFM out of a desire to synthesize elements of stoner rock, doom metal, and street brass funk, and throw in a bit of hip hop sampling aesthetic for good measure. The aim was to find a sonic crossroads somewhere between Electric Wizard, Budos Band, King Crimson, and Wu Tang Clan. The lyrical content, inspired mainly by the irreverent humor of Frank Zappa, draws on everything from religion and philosophy to kung fu and Godzilla movies.

And so the band was born by recruiting like-minded members of the HONK community, and the heavy, genre-fluid sound was self-dubbed “doombrass”. After lots of experimentation and several false starts, the final lineup came together during the 2020 pandemic, consisting of guitar/vocals, drums, and an electrified horn section of baritone sax, trombone, and tuba, all of whom augment their playing through the use of effects pedals. It was during lockdown that the band’s first demos were recorded and shared through Soundcloud.

Photo by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

Entering the studio in earnest in early 2022, the band recorded five songs with Chris Kobialka of Ripple Music artists Mother Iron Horse on drums. These songs were released as singles throughout the year, and the band had its first official performance at the annual Jetlag Festival in Downsville, NY on June 25th 2022. Those in attendance became instant fans.

After several more performances, including the October Doom & Dub Fest in Long Island, NY, EFM began promotion for the release of their self-titled EP, a compilation of the pre-released singles, to be debuted December 2nd 2022. An official release show was planned for December 23rd at the annual Christmas-themed metal show at Opus Underground in Salem, MA, hosted by Frostbite BC.

The band intends to engage their audience with a release strategy of one new single every month of 2023, to be later compiled on EPs and albums. The first four of these songs were tracked in November of 2022.

Other near future plans for “the world’s first doombrass band” include touring in June 2023 in the leadup to their second appearance at Jetlag. An ultimate goal is to see the band become a self-sustaining musical institution, with the likes of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard as an influence in this regard.

Photo by Bartholomew H Livingston III

“This band would be really easy to describe as a gimmick, if they weren’t so good… No, Eight Foot Manchild isn’t a gimmick; this is a Doom/Brass group here to rock your face off with plenty of Doom and Brass. A ton of fun and the real deal!” – Pat Schober, Monster Riff, Saturday Music Suggestions July 16th 2022

Composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dylan Foley.
Drums recorded and mixed by Chris Kobialka at Kobisound Studios.
Artwork by Dylan Foley.

Eight Foot Manchild is:
Dylan Foley – Guitar, Vocals
Sara Honeywell – Trombone/FX, Vocals
Mr Squirrel – Baritone Sax/FX
Alison Earnhart – Tuba/FX
Chris Kobialka – Drums

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