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American psychedelic/shoegaze/grunge band Ghost Frog to release new single »Shadow Club« on August 9th!

Portland, Oregon based psychedelic/shoegaze/grunge band Ghost Frog will release new single »Shadow Club« on August 9th, 2024.

»Shadow Club« is the first single taken from their upcoming album, »Galactic Mini Golf«, due out this Fall on vinyl and digital.

Courtesy of Good Boy PR:

New Ghost Frog single »Shadow Club« beams in sci-fi psych, shoegaze, & grunge rock on August 9th!

We’ve just received signals beamed to us from far beyond the solar system, indicating that the galaxy’s foremost paranormal psych grunge stoner gaze project Ghost Frog will soon be reemerging from their home planet of Portland, Oregon. They will once again bestow upon the people of Earth another extraterrestrial entry into their cosmological catalogue: their forthcoming fourth full-length album entitled »Galactic Mini Golf«, available for preorder on their Bandcamp on both vinyl and digital beginning August 9th.

They’ve also included in their transmission the first single from the project called »Shadow Club«, an explosive recording that exposes the evil elite’s alien agenda, and which they’re threatening to leak to the public on the same day.

In the band’s own words:

Lead singer of the band, Quinn Schwartz, had this to say:

“Like a lot of people I got really into conspiracy theories while I was cooped up at home for months on end, trying to figure out what the heck was going on in the world throughout the pandemic pandemonium of the past few years.

This song and the new album that it’s off of were written during this hyper paranoid period, where I found myself pondering more and more whether nefarious shadowy forces actually were pulling the strings on global events behind closed doors, and intentionally directing us down a path toward the dark, dystopian future we seem to be increasingly inhabiting. But that’s all just a bunch of crazy tinfoil hat stuff, right!? Right.”

Photo by Joel Gaddis

About the track:

“Musically it is very inspired by 90’s alternative rock. We kept joking that it sounded like Pearl Jam while we were recording it, and I was also just starting to get really into Stone Temple Pilots at the time that we wrote it. Lyrically it’s meant to be an anthem of sorts for distrustful dissidents, with some golfing references thrown in for good measure since that seems to be the preferred pastime of the proverbial »Shadow Club« that the song title refers to (hence the theme of the album).

There was a period in the 90’s, around the same time that Nirvana ruled the airwaves, that mainstream pop culture in America was also simultaneously fascinated by conspiracy culture through phenomena like The X Files, and so I suppose that with this record we’ve attempted to combine those two aspects of what was arguably the coolest decade because, well, I guess we just want to make butt rock and conspiracies cool again! And also as a friendly reminder to the world that: ‘just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you!’ So wake up sheeple! You’re going to be late for your tee time…”

FFO: Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Nirvana

Ghost Frog is:
Quinn Schwartz – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Karl Beheim – Lead Guitar, Synth
Archie Heald – Bass
Vincent LiRocchi – Drums

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