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American stoner/doom/heavy metal two-piece Clawhammer dropped their sixth full-length album »Back To The Throne«

American stoner/doom/heavy metal two-piece Clawhammer featuring Paul Hill (Black Mountain Thunder) stream their sixth full-length album, »Back To The Throne«, which just dropped on December 29th, 2022.

»Back To The Throne« is available now on all major streaming services!

01. Heavy
02. In My Time Of Dying
03. Rise
04. Beggars Of Truth
05. I Have Succombed
06. Lost In The Daze
07. Power Prayer
08. Death Of The Angels

Clawhammer is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Mississippi consisting of Paul Craig on vocals and other stuff and Paul Hill on guitars and other stuff.

Clawhammer has a retro classic rock/stoner doom sound. They have released six albums: »Clawhammer«, »In Space«, Diabolical«, »Delta Mud«, »The Sons Of Sabbath« and »Back To The Throne«.

Clawhammer is two guys from Mississippi, who along with several talented contributing musicians, have come together to create a musical legacy that will live for 1,000 years. Clawhammer is the standard by which all other music is judged. Clawhammer is a shining light in a world of darkness. If Clawhammer got into a fight with Chuck Norris and Batman, Clawhammer would win and then buy Chuck Norris and Batman beers, because Clawhammer is classy. Clawhammer can be both seen and heard from space. Clawhammer knows sound does not travel in space. Clawhammer’s sound travels in space. Everytime Clawhammer drops a single, there is a mudslide in Mexico. You would think that if Clawhammer was a planet, it would be Jupiter because Jupiter is the biggest planet. You would be wrong. It would be Planet Clawhammer because no existing planet is worthy of Clawhammer taking its name. Clawhammer writes hit songs in its dreams, then wakes up only to forget them and write better ones. If you are pregnant or have a heart condition, consult your doctor to find out if listening to Clawhammer is right for you.

Clawhammer is:
Paul Craig – Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards
Paul Hill – Guitars, Bass, Programming, Congos

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