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Årabrot announces new album »Of Darkness And Light« on Pelagic Records and releases the first single »We Want Blood«

Norwegian gothic rock duo Årabrot has released the first single »We Want Blood« taken from their upcoming album, »Of Darkness And Light«, out on October 13th, 2023 via Pelagic Records.

Årabrot comments: “New single out now! »We Want Blood« is about passion. Passion in what you do, passion in how you live, passion as an emotion and as a drive. Playing in a rock band full time means giving up absolutely everything else with no security to always be on top of your game. The music industry can be a kick in the teeth but passion carries you ahead. It’s an eternal love. We live and breathe rock’n’roll every day of the year. Both us and our kids. Our music is not a genre. It’s a lifestyle. We are not fucking around. We mean it.”

Here’s what our label Pelagic Records has to say: “Fiord-forged and resolute, Norwegian gothic rock duo Årabrot announces the release of their first single »We Want Blood« from the upcoming album »Of Darkness And Light«, out October 13. As ever uncompromising and relentless, the new track encapsulates their staunch commitment to the rock’n’roll ethos that runs through their veins, which was brilliantly brought to life under the skilled hand of legendary producer Alain Johannes.

If history is anything to go by, »We Want Blood« and the upcoming album »Of Darkness And Light« are sure to mark another milestone in Årabrot’s two-decade-long journey. Here’s to many more years of innovative, genre-defying music from this audacious duo.”

Listen here:

The Wit and Wisdom of Årabrot (bio written by Lustmord):

Rock’n’roll was long dead before Johnny Rotten picked up a microphone. And a long time buried by the time Oasis chose to molest its putrid carcass. But the spirit of whence it came still lives on in the blood of those who know its true meaning, symbols and references.

Born of the long dark winters of Norway, Årabrot was too black for metal and too avant-garde for punk, so it forged its own path. Hewn from empty roads and the cold impenetrable depths of the fiords of its home. A Norwegian Gothic, tales sung and stories told in screams and whispers.

With its steel guitar, a steely gaze, a sneer and a Stetson, Årabrot is the bastard offspring of Billie Holiday and Elmore James. It is The Velvet Underground if Johnny Cash was a member and Nico was able to sing. It is Camus, Sartre, Poe and Burroughs cut-up and regurgitated in an unholy erotic mass. It is all the great bands you haven’t even heard of. It is you. It is here, it is now and there are other bodies to bury. Årabrot is not fucking around.

Årabrot is Kjetil “Tall Man” Nernes and Karin “Dark Diva” Park. They live in the Swedish countryside with their two children in the old church that they own. Rock’n roll is their religion.

Photo by Laukli & Laukli
Artwork by Black Finch Design
Drums by Tomas Järmyr

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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