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Argentinian doom/drone metal solo project Monovoth and Ber Stinco stream collaborative album »Elogio a la Noche«

Argentinian instrumental doom/drone metal solo project Monovoth and writer, songwriter and journalist Ber Stinco have just released a collaborative album »Elogio a la Noche« on June 7th, 2024.

01. La Paz de los cementerios
02. Haiku
03. Oracion
04. Todo se derrumba
05. La Paz de los cementerios (Reprise)

Monovoth is an instrumental doom/drone metal one-man project from Argentina, founded in 2021 by Lucas Wyssbrod (MΩSTRO, Golden Cannibal, Blvgth) with two albums released under Trepanation Recordings (UK), »Monovoth« (2022) and »Pleroma Mortem Est« (2024).

Ber Stinco is an Argentinian writer, songwriter and journalist, he has released several albums: »Postales de mi ciudad invisible« (2008), »Todos somos el conurbano de alguien« (2013), »Los fusibles quemados del amor« (2014), »Venado Tuerto« (2015), »La campaña del desierto« (2018) and »La insubordinación fundante« (2021) and published the books »Pequeño manual de los sueños« (2005), »Los jardines espaciales« (2018) and »Por tu culpa más que un loco« (2020).

»Elogio a la Noche« by Monovoth and Ber Stinco stands as a monument to darkness and introspection.

An album far removed from the usual compositions not only of these two artists but also difficult to trace precedents of a similar search, at least in the Spanish-speaking world. Ber Stinco and Monovoth venture into uncharted territory and delve into darkness in all its facets, from loneliness and melancholy to terror and anguish.

Although there are echoes of Sunn O))), Nick Cave or the most experimental side of the already experimental Tom Waits, Monovoth and Stinco manage to infuse their work with adistinctive, personal, and artistic character.

Each piece stands as a universe in itself, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the duality of dreams and nightmares perfectly captured in this sonorous canvas, free of inhibitions.

The collaboration between Monovoth and Ber Stinco attests to their versatility and breadth of vision, taking us on a journey through the darkest recesses of the human mind and spirit.

All songs by Bernardo Stinco y Lucas Wyssbrod.
Guitars, bass and synth by Lucas Wyssbrod.
Voices, lyrics and melodies by Bernardo Stinco.
Piano in »La Paz de los cementerios (Reprise)« by Anna.
Production by Sebastian Barrionuevo, Bernardo Stinco and Lucas Wyssbrod.
Mix and Mastering by Sebastian Barrionuevo in Fin Du Monde Studios.
Art by Romina Carrara.

FFO: Sunn O))), Nick Cave, Tom Waits

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