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Argentinian instrumental doom metal project Monovoth stream self-titled debut album, out now on CD/cassette/digital via Trepanation Recordings

Buenos Aires, Argentina based instrumental doom/drone metal project Monovoth stream self-titled debut album which was just released on October 7th, 2022 via Trepanation Recordings.

01. The Key
02. Ulcerated And Ablazed
03. Servants
04. Tace Dolorem
05. Hands
06. Laesura
07. Cerro Sangre

Courtesy of Trepanation Recordings:

Uncovering the darkest corners of self is often preceded by echoes of grief, despair and sadness, which resound in monolithic soliloquy. Lucas Wyssbrod (Mostro, Golden Cannibal, Hail The Invisibles) captures this sojourn on Monovoth, his poignant dictum on doom metal.

Sparking alight shadows within the album’s expanse, Wyssbrod elevates six finely wrought songs with searing, divaricate riffs, which hang around a speculative view of a great, dark beyond, where in a female extraterrestrial deity – a corruption of the notion the Catholic religion has of the virgin – is seen suspended in the voids of space, which, depicted on the album’s cover art, adds to the album’s aphotic alchemy.

Luminous and lumbering in marvelous disquietude, Monovoth will assuredly find favor among fans of Bell Witch, Mizmor, Sunn O))), and Gorguts, while solidly standing in its own signature notation on avant-doom.

All songs and instruments composed, arranged and recorded by Lucas Wyssbrod with exception of:
• Synths in »The Key« composed and arranged by Andrew Notsch.
• Electric and acoustic guitar in »Tace Dolorem« composed and arranged by Federico Ramos.
• Electric guitar in »Laesura« composed and arranged by Sebastian Barrionuevo.
• Spoken word in »Hands« by Andrew Notsch.
• 12 string guitar, mandolin and electric guitar slide in »Cerro Sangre« composed and arranged by Franco Colautti.

Production by Sebastian Barrionuevo and Lucas Wyssbrod.

Mixing and Mastering by Sebastian Barrionuevo.

Cover art piece by artist Andrea Navarro.

Layout by Andrew Notsch.

Get »Monovoth« on CD/cassette/digital here:

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