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Argentinian Sabbra Cadabra Radio presents a tribute album »I’m A Latinamerican Demon (A Tribute To Danzig)«

Argentinian Sabbra Cadabra Radio presents a tribute album, »I’m A Latinamerican Demon (A Tribute To Danzig)«, which just dropped on July 20th, 2022.

01. No Stone (Arg) – Demon
02. Trovador Electrico (Uru) – Mother (feat. Perfectos Desconocidos)
03. Desert Druid And The Acid Caravan (Bra) – Pain In The World
04. Cormano (Chi) – Snakes Of Christ
05. Black Weed (Mex) – Until You Call On The Dark
06. Fuzzter (Per) – Not Of This World
07. Titanosaur (USA/Ecu) – Her Black Wings
08. Southaven (Ven) – Tired Of Being Alive
09. El Caos Reptante (Arg) – Killer Wolf
10. Lousy Fingers (Chi) – Twist Of Cain
11. Prophets Of Fuzz (Mex) – 777
12. Hinocuo (Chi) – Long Way Back From Hell
13. Gas Mettano (Arg) – Sistinas
14. Broken Snake (Mex) – Leaf Hand Black
15. Pilotos Del Tiempo (Arg) – How The Gods Kill

Sabbra Cadabra says: “»I’m A Latinamerican Demon« is a tribute album to the band Danzig, performed by bands from the Latin American stoner/doom scene.

Driven by the great appreciation and admiration for the musical legacy of Glenn Danzig, we ventured to work on a project without precedent so far. And the result could not be better…

Carried out between the months of January and July 2022.

Artwork made by Deliria Vision.

Enjoy this narcotic trip!”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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