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Argentinian stoner/doom metal band Fulanno unleash their fourth full-length album »Ruido Infernal« today via Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records!

Argentinian stoner/doom metal band Fulanno is streaming their fourth full-length album, »Ruido Infernal«, which was just released this Friday, September 15th, 2023 via Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records.

01. El Mandato Del Mal
02. Vampiros Psiquicos
03. Sacrificio De Los Fieles
04. Nuevo Orden Satanico
05. El Vilo Eterno
06. Rituales Paganos
07. Engendros De Las Sombras

Courtesy of Helter Skelter Productions:

Helter Skelter Productions (distributed & marketed by Regain Records) is proud to present Fulanno’s highly anticipated fourth album, »Ruido Infernal«, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Hailing from Argentina, Fulanno formed in 2010 and soon became a cult fixture on the stoner doom scene with their debut album, »Hash Negro en las Misas Funebres«, following its super-limited CD-R release in 2016. While Helter Skelter would later release a worldwide edition, even in its original super-limited guise, Fulanno’s debut stoked all those seeking strictly within-the-boundaries stoner doom.

From there, the band’s ascent was swift: Fulanno largely helped put the Argentinian stoner doom idiom on the international map with their next two albums, 2018’s Velas Negras and 2020’s Nadie está a salvo del mal. Both would go through various pressings before Helter Skelter helped usher the Fulanno name onto the worldwide stage with full reissue of those two albums (and, again, the first). Joining them on the label would be other Argentinian heavy hitters like Mephistofeles, Sahara, The Crooked Whispers, Serpent Cobra, and En la Niebla, proving that this quiet revolution was getting ever louder – and Fulanno led the charge.

And while a swift-yet-satisfying split with the aforementioned The Crooked Whispers concluded 2022, Fulanno return to cement their prestigious status with their fourth full-length, »Ruido Infernal«. Translated to English as “Infernal Noise”, »Ruido Infernal« indeed riles up some infernal, noisy rumbling – again, the power trio proudly uphold pure stoner doom – but that’s not to say that Fulanno can’t find plausible ways to keep their characteristically intoxicating spell interesting. Across the seven-song/48-minute album are a (subtly) more pronounced emphasis on (subtly) quieter dynamics – demonically setting the stage for their tectonic riffing to come crashing after the calm, eerie tension played to the hilt, hitting its apex with the sulfurous slow-burn of closer »Engendros De Las Sombras« – as well as a faint integration of organ, again making proceedings creepier and more haunting. But, as the drugged-out drift of »Ruido Infernal« plays on, the point is made louder than ever: this is still stoner doom NOT for the faint of heart, nor for genre tourists; his is the Real Stuff, doled at 666% strength, and it’s fucking stultifying. Long may Fulanno reign!

Artwork by ZZ Corpse.

Buy CD/Vinyl/Digital here:

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