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Australian occult rockers Seawitch share a music video for the second single »Force« taken from their debut album »Well Of Spells«

Australian occult rockers Seawitch share a music video for the second single »Force« taken from their debut album, »Well Of Spells«, which will drop on October 21st, 2022 via Cheersquad Records.

The video is a cosmic mash up of live footage, Fiona (Seawitch’s singer/guitarist) firedancing, epic South West scenery and seawitchlings.

Filmed and edited by Simple Ben Films.

01. Witches Forever
02. Force
03. Artemis Blue
04. Shadows
05. Dark Knight
06. Esbat
07. Flowers
08. Memento Mori

About the song:

“»Force« is a song about the power inside every individual to transform their lives for the better. When my mind is troubled or my direction in life is unclear and I’m seeking inner guidance I write down my concerns about the situation. This song originated from that practice … ‘On this paper dark and forlorn, the written words are hurting – now they have no form, just letters with no meaning.’ Write it down, get it out, ‘cut it away’ … and let inspiration arrive. It’s the magick force we all have … ‘Here it comes from the source.’” — Fiona Horne

“Musically, »Force« is plain old simple high energy rock n roll birthed from the roots laid by late sixties band, MC5. Blend that in with some filthy fuzz from like minded rock n roll soldiers Thee Hypnotics, and some ghost of Jimi Hendrix and we are getting close.” — Dave (Spiff) Hopkins

Courtesy of Cheersquad Records:

»Well Of Spells« is the debut album by new Oz super rockers, Seawitch.

Fiona Horne, founder of 80s girl punk band, The Mothers, 90s charting rock star of Def FX and infamous real life Witch, and Dave (Spiff) Hopkins, guitarist/founder of 80s/90s seminal surf rock band Hellmenn, sat down in the chaos of Covid times isolating together, with a vision to create a song a day.

What happened in those two weeks was a mixture of magick and skill, as these two conjured a web of heavy rock, strewn with spells and enchantments, anchored with catchy fuzz feels that get your head banging and feet moving.

The album can be pre-ordered right now. It is available as a Limited Edition Purple Vinyl (100 copies only), Limited Edition Orange Vinyl (100 copies only), black vinyl, CD and digitally. All vinyl comes with a digital download card. All tracks will also be added to your Bandcamp catalogue.

It was Spiff’s idea for Fiona to weave her spells into lyrics and tracks like »Esbat«, (a moon love spell), »Dark Knight« (a ritual of release dedicated to the dark Goddess Hecate) and »Witches Forever« (the first single dedicated to all the Witches who lost their lives at the stake and noose) The album fully expresses the magick at the core of Fiona’s life as a Witch and author of fourteen books on the Craft.

Musically, »Well Of Spells« has its roots deep in the hard rock sounds of the 70s, with Spiff’s sonic mayhem guitar exploding out of your speakers and bass player Brad Miller’s fingers a freight train thundering through the tracks. Fiona wields her guitar like a wand, her voice more powerful than ever, sending goosebumps up your spine.

Dive into the salty stoner wonder of »Well Of Spells«, coming out in October just in time for Halloween.


Words and music by Fiona Horne and Dave (Spiff) Hopkins.
Produced by Kenny Killer Watt and Seawitch.
Engineered by Kenny Killer Watt.
Recorded at Killer Watt Studios, Western Australia.
Mastered by Don Bartley, Benchmark Mastering.
Art by Sindy Sinn.

Seawitch is:
Fiona Horne – Vocals/Guitar
Dave (Spiff) Hopkins – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Brad Miller – Bass/Vocals
Matt Hamilton – Drums
Kenny Killer Watt – Keyboards/Percussion

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