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Australian psych-prog collective Endless Valley stream their brand new album »Nayivada«, out today via 4000 Records

Brisbane, Australia based progressive world psych-rock collective Endless Valley stream their brand new album, »Nayivada«, which was just released today, December 15th, 2021 via 4000 Records.

Limited edition cassette available in February 2022. Order your copy here:

01. Cellar Door
02. Chimerical
03. Oneiric
04. Hypnagogic
05. Ruskin
06. Biophilia

All songs composed by Brad Schipp and Cavell Schipp.
Recorded, produced and mixed by Steve Summers at Yama-Nui.
Mastered by Paul Blakey at 12th & Vine Post.

From 4000 Records:

Psychedelic Brisbane collective Endless Valley invites you to Nayivada.

Endless Valley are an eclectic progressive band from Brisbane inspired by a wide range of world and psychedelic music. The name Endless Valley symbolises ocean floors that if emptied, would connect continents. Their sound ranges from driving, danceable rhythmic grooves to hypnotising layered melodies, with no end of borders challenged in between.

Venturing into the dreamworld of Nayivada, Endless Valley’s sound connects with ancient cultures through a visual performance of dance and swirling beauty that is past, present and future. Their divergent sound takes listeners on an expansive journey across time and space. This is a band that would be just as comfortable leading an ancient summer solstice ritual as they would be playing deep into the night on one of tomorrow’s festival stages.

Photo by Joey Jensen

Endless Valley has graced the stages of events such as Magic Pond Festival, Profound, Psych in the Shed, La La Luna and Jungle Love Festival. They are quickly being recognised as an act that provides an entirely unique experience for audiences of all tastes.

“…There were eight people on stage and the vocalist convulsed her body as she sang. Everyone wore white. The flutist was deep in concentration. Their harmonies were sprawling and worldly, and everything was backgrounded by a tribal drum groove. I had never heard anything quite like it. The room pulsed like an artery. Endless Valley felt massive.” – The Stew

The first stirrings of the band arose when brothers Cavell and Brad moved to London in 2014 and met current vocalist Luna. They quickly connected and were able to mix their different influences and backgrounds into a cohesive, yet wide-ranging vision that is bigger than just the music. The collective exists in an ever-evolving state of flux as musicians, performers and behind the scenes extraordinaires move in and out of the Nayivadian orbit.

Photo by Geordsta.shots

Welcome to the realm of Nayivada, where its inhabitants – the Nayivadans – live in a utopian society informed by ancient cultures and governed by limitless possibilities.

A distant land that lead singer Luna travels to in her dreams, Nayivada is an escape from the realities and challenges faced in our society. In Nayivada anything is possible. “It is a magical land of a child where all innocence reigns,” says Luna. “Perhaps a representation of how pure Earth could be. Where trees can speak to humans, where fairies are in sight of the human eye, where flowers taste just as good as they smell and where peace and love rule.”

The members of Endless Valley are old souls who have met in many other lives but have reunited to find peace with each other, create music and act as messengers. Music is very powerful. Just like magic. The Nayividians wish for peace on Earth. It is impossible to be truly connected to our planet if we are not yet connected to each other. That is the secret meaning of life. It’s eternal love. This is the reason why we are here. Because the creators loved us so much that they wanted to share a beautiful gift. We are all one and it is time to let go and connect before destroying ourselves once again…

Endless Valley are:
Luna Nayivada – Vocals, Percussion
Leo Hooker – Vocals
Cavell Schipp – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Brad Schipp – Bass
Leigh Smith – Lead Guitar
Alex Comino – Drums

Andrew G. Christy – Clarinet on »Cellar Door«, »Oneiric«, »Hypnagogic«, »Biophilia«
Nicole Rose – Flute on »Oneiric«, »Biophilia«
Steve Summers – Synth on »Ruskin«, shaker and tambourine on »Oneiric«

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