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Austrian heavy rock project Kobudai presents their self-titled debut album, out now via StoneFree Records

Vienna, Austria based heavy rock project Kobudai has released their self-titled debut album on April 30th, 2023 via StoneFree Records. Featuring former members of Pastor, Mothers Of The Land, Succopuss, Ryte, Death Alley, Gewapend Beton and White Slice.

01. Doggo
02. 05
03. Kobudai
04. Fever
05. I’m A Freak (Wicked Lady cover)
06. Blitz
07. Sailing Off

Courtesy of StoneFree Records:

From the deep sea of despair, between the cliffs of plague and monotony, rises the mighty Kobudai. This new punk/metal/70s project of former members of Vienna’s finest, like 70s rock legends Pastor, heavy metal kings Mothers Of The Land, blues stars Succopuss, doom heroes Ryte and Amsterdam punk bands Death Alley, Gewapend Beton and White Slice.

Its members’ various musical backgrounds have led Kobudai to explore the boundaries between hardcore punk, 70s rock and heavy metal – held together by roaring, bluesy vocals. Think blistering (twin) solos over a hardcore punk rhythm section, think growling vocals spread out over a d-beat galore. An instrumental Hawkwind-esque space-out, culminating in a blast-beat climax, combining energy and creativity.

On 30 April 2023, Kobudai’s self-titled debut album will be released on StoneFree Records. Recorded in a single take – in the “Crazy Insane Vienna International Stadium” studio in Vienna. The album is produced by Ryte’s Hannes Ganeider, with the help of Lukas “Gödi” Goedhart, and mastered by Thomas Ranosz at Puresound Recordings – sounding more like a refined studio album than the live session it was.

Side one starts with the 70s rock gem »Doggo«, followed by the melancholic punk tune »5«. The final 8 minutes feature the instrumental song »Kobudai«. Side two has four tracks, starting punky with »Fever« and the Wicked Lady cover »I’m A Freak«. Finally, Kobudai shows its musicality with bangers »Blitz« and »Sailing Off«. Taken together, the album offers invasive diversity of fast and energetic music styles and will blow fans of loud music away with its creative wall of sound.

Through the vulgar performances of heavy riffs, fast drums and menacing vocals, Kobudai enchants all who dare to listen. Prepare to drown in awe and choke on the fishy smells of Kobudai!

Available in following editions:
• Limited to 100 Pieces – 12″ 180g – Translucent Deep Sea Blue Marbled Vinyl
• Limited to 200 Pieces – 12″ 180g – Black Vinyl

Order »Kobudai« here:

Kobudai is:
Tobi – Bass & Vocals
Ming – Drums
Görk – Guitar
Shardik – Guitar

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