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Austrian heavy rockers Sunstain premiere their debut album »Modern Nature« and a music video for the title track!

Linz, Austria based heavy rockers Sunstain present their debut album, »Modern Nature«, which was just released this Friday, October 14th, 2022.

01. Running On Empty
02. Greed
03. True Colours, New Frontiers
04. Modern Nature
05. Phantom Pain
06. Reach For Me
07. Open Cages

Written and recorded by Sunstain.
Recorded & mixed by Wastl (Beardy Mountain Studios).
Mastered by Mike Haider (AlphaMastering).
Artwork by Thomas Gasperlmair (Aplacefortom).

“»Modern Nature« is about the daily struggle within a self-centered system against your own fears and the windmills of society in search of human closeness and genuine empathy. Between buying stimuli and narcissistic mirages of modern media, one has to search for a meaning for existence without becoming a mere product of the market that one’s chasing after.”

Two hearts, one chest – Somewhere in the spectrum of stoner, psych, grunge and heavy rock is where the Austrian band Sunstain feels at home. Sunstain does not care too much about pigeonhole thinking and genre definitions – They keep on opening the floodgates to let the sounds flow freely.

How do you find consistency and authenticity in a superficial mirror world that thrives on narcissism, self-destruction and compulsive buying? »Modern Nature« fights against the windmills of society and one’s own fears. In close to 50 minutes, Sunstain string together 7 tracks on their debut album, which develop a very unique pull despite a wide range of influences. In the center of the action there is a tendency to groovy riffs and sometimes sprawling sound journeys around the 10-minute mark, but Sunstain also can’t get around their love of melody. Between self-reflection, irony, social criticism and outstretched hands – where 90s alternative rock ballads, doomy riff thunderstorms and ambient interjections not only coexist, but celebrate escapism together – »Modern Nature« is a diverse, hard-hitting rock record, which thrives on its ambition while keeping its focus on a common thread.

Buy »Modern Nature« on vinyl or CD:

Photo by Sabine Weinberger

A few weeks ago Sunstain gathered with Chris Gütl, Florian Razocha and Stefan “Mysli” Mysliwietz from CG Captured Moments in the beautiful surroundings of “Das Franzl” in Sankt Wolfgang (Upper Austria) to shoot a music video for »Modern Nature«.

“In essence, the song »Modern Nature« is about human perversion towards nature, self-destructive greed and exploitation. In the video Sunstain take this perversion and the level of absurdity to the extreme. Welcome to the apparently oh-so-cheerful bourgeoisie barbecue party. Beaming and loaded with souvenirs, our protagonists arrive in the sunny garden to indulge in gluttony, intoxication and a game of Jenga. Jenga? Yes, that’s right – the tower -building game with wooden blocks. While the greed (and the chaos at the table) increases, the tower stands more and more on shaky foundations – and then our protagonists suddenly stand naked in the rain to scuffle over the remains. The inevitable receipt? “Reap what you sow – Modern nature serves.”

Sunstain release dates 2022:
Linz (AT) – 15.10.2022 – Stadtwerkstatt
Salzburg (AT) – 28.10.2022 – Rockhouse Bar
Wien (AT) – 29.10.2022 – Kramladen
Ebensee (AT) – 03.12.2022 – Kino Ebensee

Sunstain were founded in Linz, Upper Austria in 2017. Drawing inspiration from a large variety of styles ranging from raw desert rock and old school hard rock to more modern and progressive sounding blends of grunge and stoner the band doesn‘t necessarily fit into a specific drawer. Always trying to evolve and challenge themselves, the four musicians commute between different genres and subcultures of underground music. After the release of a first EP titled »Thrill And Fever« in January 2019 the quartet then went on to commit to an alternative approach of releasing new music with a new single every few months. First, there was the highly energetic »Manic Preacher«, then came the long and winding roller coaster ride that is »Through Empty Spaces«. With another two new songs set for release in late 2020 (»Nowhere To Be Found«) and early 2021 (»Roots«) Sunstain is excited to showcase the creative development they’ve undergone since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both songs dealing with topics of youthful joy of life, drunk nights, and getting lost in the sound amidst a crowd of strangers in a dark room full of smoke. A celebration of DIY music culture.

Sunstain is:
Patrick – Vocals
Timo – Guitar
Fody – Bass
Walt – Drums

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