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Austrian instrumental heavy psych/stoner/doom/jam act Dos Brujos presents new EP »The Laws Of Faith«

Austrian instrumental heavy psych/stoner/doom/jam act Dos Brujos has released new EP »The Laws Of Faith« on June 17th, 2023.

01. Ethereal
02. Regeneration
03. The Laws Of Fate
04. Esperit
05. Hole In The Jam (Sabbath Lo-Fi Cover)

“Recorded live on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 in our Hidden Grazer Lair.

We did 3 Black Sabbath Jams for the »Swamp Sabbath Compilation« back then. The 1st is the one we released on the compilation:

The 2nd is »Hole In The Jam« and the 3rd was before and after »Esperit«, which we’ve deleted, one time »Hole In The Sky« in the album was enough… Jam 2 was the only one that the audio interfaces decided not to sync, so we ended up mixing the song with only 5 Tracks (there the lo-fi).

The cover is a modification of a Tim White’s artwork.

Thanks for listening!”

Dos Brujos have also announced new EP »6.6.23« and revealed the first taste with »Jam 3: III«.

“»III« was recorded live on Tuesday June 6, 2023 from our two Lairs using Jamkazam, our most recent jam to date!

It was a good night, still getting used to internet latency though… Full session coming soon!”

Jam 1: I
Jam 2: II
Jam 3: III

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