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Award winning documentary »Shadows Of Light« finally available to the public

SOL-Productions announce that after long work their award winning documentary »Shadows Of Light« is finally available to the public. Directed by Walter Fanninger, this documentary is featuring members of Our Survival Depends On Us, Belphegor, Sólstafir, Bølzer, Primordial, Hexvessel, Amenra, Phurpa, Sangre de Muerdago, Svartidauði, A Forest Of Stars and Mosaic.

You can already watch the movie on major streaming platforms like,, CHILI, Google Play and Videoload. More partners will be available soon.

»Shadows Of Light« is a documentary about a festival that celebrates the summer solstice once a year amidst the Austrian Alps. Pagan traditions and archaic fire rituals accompany the flaming passion for music, art and the deep connection to nature.

Passion for music, art and a deep reverence for nature: »Shadows Of Light« combines the loud and soft tones of life into a great whole. Into a work that does not offer opinions, but provides thought-provoking impulses. The central setting is a mountain pasture in the middle of the Austrian Alps, where tradition and zeitgeist are not contradictory. This also applies to the summer solstice, which is celebrated with international artists and gives »Shadows Of Light« a coherent framework. However, it is not the rigid imitation of customs that is central, but rather living the primordial in the here and now, as well as becoming and passing away, searching and finding – recognizing shadows and light as part of an eternal cycle and understanding oneself as an element of it.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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