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Basque occult heavy metal outfit Elizabeltz return with their sophomore full-length album »Alabaren«; out now via On Fire Records!

Bermeo, Spain based occult heavy metal outfit Elizabeltz is back with their sophomore full-length album, »Alabaren«, which just dropped on March 22nd, 2024 via On Fire Records.

Listen to »Alabaren« on Spotify and other streaming platforms!

01. Levitico 15
02. Amaon
03. Mantra Berri
04. Gabriel ala Deabrua
05. Kurtzio Udazkenien
06. Zin
07. Ergastula
08. HellEnd

Courtesy of On Fire Records:

Elizabeltz is Basque Country’s best-kept secret. It’s a fairly recent formation, although the members have a wealth of experience. Musicians get together over Yersinia Pestis, making the unflawed dark mechanism happen. This light and shadow coalescence has stood out for renowned media like Mondo Sonoro or Metal Hammer. There’s no doubt that they possess an inherent need to shock their listeners.

It was 2018 when Yersinia and the three souls of the Black Death gave birth to the cult of Elizabeltz (BlackChurch in English). All recited in the pre-Indo-European language Euskera, their first EP called »Eleizbeltz« reached in December 2019 along with the first album »Yersinia Pestis« came up in February 2022, 15 Black masses have witnessed this.

Photo by Ojo De Pez

The first months of next winter bring us »Alabaren«, an album more elaborate, darker and rawer than its predecessor. In 2024 they will return to the altar… where these obscurantist and theatrical, shocking and gimmicky ceremonies will not leave you indifferent. To open up a new psalm.

Elizabeltz is:
Yersinia Pestis – Vocals
Aitor Bengoa – Guitars
Joni bOST – Bass
Jonmi García – Drums

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