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Battle Jacket share a music video for the lead single and title track of their upcoming »Ghostcat« EP

US stoner rock band Battle Jacket share a music video for »Ghostcat«, the title track and lead single from their upcoming »Ghostcat« EP, which will be available on July 30th, 2021 on all major streaming platforms.

Idaho’s denim-clad stoner rock group Battle Jacket is back and ready to deliver their distinct heavy sound that pulls from outlaw country, punk, surf rock and more. The result is a gritty, greasy sound that kicks back with crunchy riffs and effortlessly oozes style and attitude.

The scuzzy, denim-clad brainchild of Kyle DeHart, bluesy doomers Battle Jacket deliver a distinct heavy sound that pulls from outlaw country, punk, and more. What started as DeHart’s solo outings in his local scene as the alt-country Denim Dan, he was soon joined by the aptly named backing crew The Blue Jean Band. One happy accident later, involving gnarly psych-punk riffs at a rehearsal, and the outfit found its true destiny as new bearers of the heavy underground musical torch. Denim Dan and his posse delivered a three song EP in 2019 packed with righteous heavy psych, followed by DeHart’s relocation to Nashville. Here would be the birthplace of the newly christened, jean-adjacent Battle Jacket with their debut album »Cowboy Killers«.

Darker and heavier than the preceding EP, »Cowboy Killers« still retains more than a touch of DeHart’s country roots, and it’s this mix of ingredients that makes the debut shine. Crunchy, driving riffs are offset by sprawling psychedelic doom and the signature laid-back, droning vocals coated in wry Southern attitude. Pounding, crashing drums anchor and propel the greasy licks, leading to absolutely killer guitar solos that burn the house down Van Halen-style.

Photo by Valeria Cabello

Every gritty song weaves a tale with sinister charm and earworm hooks, from the krautrock drums and chugging guitar of the title track to the nodding doom and sardonic drawl of »Wicked Witches Brew«. »Red Wooden Barn« stretches for miles with scenic stoner riffs, before »Dark Lagoon« lumbers forth with downright evil licks. With »Cowboy Killers«, DeHart and co. are planting their likely denim flag in the heavy underground, and offer up a deliciously southern-fried take on doom and psych that’s coated in charisma and attitude.

»Cowboy Killers« was released on February 26th, 2021 via Acid Wash Records.

01. Godkiller
02. Wicked Witches Brew
03. Red Wooden Barn
04. Dark Lagoon
05. I Stand Alone
06. Your Old Friend Death
07. For Nothing

Engineered by Zach D’Amico and Kyle DeHart.
Mixed by Matt Luthie.
Mastered by Robert Kinney.
Cover art by Jade Duplessis.

Battle Jacket is:
Kyle DeHart – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jef Keruma – Lead Guitar
Zach D’Amico – Drums

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