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Black Debbath share a music video for »Hvor i helvete blir det av Satan?«; new album »Age Of Kørka« out now via Drabant Music!

Norwegian heavy/doom metal/comedy act Black Debbath share a music video for the new single »Hvor i helvete blir det av Satan?« taken from their ninth album, »Age Of Kørka«, which was just released on September 23rd, 2022 via Drabant Music under exclusive license from Duplex Records.

01. Age Of Kørka
02. Hobby dommedagsprofet
03. Hvor i helvete blir det av Satan?
04. Pastor Gjøk
05. Sannhetens brød
06. Ikke pirre Putin
07. 4/4 fillern
08. Sutringsfrihet
09. Syng for livet

Produced and mixed by Ole Petter Andreassen in Caliban Storsjøen.
Mastered by Dave Collins.

The stupidity is on the way!

Black Debbath equally assumes the role of hobbyist doomsday prophet on his new album, »Age Of Kørka«, due out in September 2022. Various signs of the end times are highlighted, and the underlying common thread is as follows: “how is it that we humans are more developed and enlightened than ever, but at the same time more impressionable, more vain and generally a little thicker in the hat?” A set of contradictions that shouldn’t be possible! Has evolution, so to speak, backfired? Has Ikaros (pronounced with pomp) flown too close to the sun of knowledge and development? Are we becoming bread cuckoos? Is it hubris? Is it the Tower of Babel all over again? Is it God’s soul that intervenes? Maybe Satan? Is it Captain Sabretooth? Intranet?

Yes, we are slowly but surely driving ourselves into doom, but it must also be allowed to have a little humor in the middle of it all, huh? It must be allowed to point a little nose, grin and laugh while the ship goes down!? On its ninth record, Black Debbath is the orchestra that plays and entertains as the unsinkable ship goes down with man and mouse. Heavy rock’s Titanic. Stone rock’s Tirpitz. The Hindenburg of heavy rock. Put on a groovy life jacket and join the voyage!

The album is of course followed by a nationwide tour, a kind of signing journey where the aim is to leave every village and town a little more crazy than it was before.

Black Debbath is a Norwegian hard rock/metal band, formed in 1999 by four of the core members of the artist collective Duplex Records. Mixing the sound and energy from well known Black Sabbath (and others) and humorous lyrics, at the same time they often make a powerful political statement, effectively making a new genre, “Heavy Politically Incorrect Humor Rock”.

The band members Lars Lønning, Egil Hegerberg, Aslag Guttormsgaard and Ole Petter Andreassen are also known from Gartnerlosjen, Hurra Torpedo, Bare Egil Band, Thulsa Doom, The Cumshots, Big Ole P & L’il Missy, El Doom & The Born Electric among others.

Black Debbath is:
Aslag Guttormsgaard – Guitars, Vocals
Lars Lonning – Guitars, Vocals
Egil Hegerberg – Bass
Ole-Petter Andreassen – Drums

Haakon-Marius Pettersen – Organ and Keys

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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