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Black Lung share a music video for The Beatles cover »Helter Skelter« featuring Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless

Photo by Shane K Gardner

Baltimore, Maryland based stoner metal band Black Lung is back with The Beatles cover »Helter Skelter« featuring Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless. This is part II in Black Lung’s 4 part cover series.

Video created by dwavehead and Kevin Considine.
Recorded by Noel Mueller at Tiny Castle Recording.
Mixed by Elias Schutzman and Noel Mueller.

Despite the setbacks and ripples of doubt across the whole of the music industry in 2020 and 2021, Black Lung has pushed forward with a new lineup and quietly stayed hard at work on their fourth album. There is no question that »Dark Waves«, Black Lung’s latest release via Heavy Psych Sounds Records, was conceived in hostile times. Songs like »The Cog« and »Mad King« lament the weaponized ignorance of the propagandized American citizen, while »Awaken« and »The Path« muse on escapism and the false protection of dreams.

On the title track, »Dark Waves«, the band channels this mood of bitterness through their instruments, as a meditative bridge is slowly transformed into a foreboding swell centered around hypnotic guitar melodies. Despite the apparent darkness, »Dark Waves« is not a cold or desolate sounding record. The band leaps forward from their previous releases with warmer, brighter sound crafting and more audacious songwriting.

While in some ways »Dark Waves« offers a departure from prior Black Lung records, the band stays true to their roots in doom and psychedelic music, delivering eight songs packed with the frenzied, fuzzed-out guitar breakdowns, booming drums, and soulful vocals that longtime fans will appreciate.

The decision to bring bass guitar prominently into the mix on »Dark Waves« adds new levels of depth and heaviness to Black Lung’s songs, which may be the album’s most notable and exciting development.

»Dark Waves« was released on May 27th, 2022 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records and can be purchased at this location.

Dave Cavalier – Guitar & Vocals
Dave Fullerton – Guitar
Elias Schutzman – Drums & Vocals
Charles Braese – Bass
Isaiah Mitchell – Guitar

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