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»Bow To Your Masters Volume Three: Judas Priest« tribute compilation out now via Glory Or Death Records!

Listen to »Bow To Your Masters Volume Three: Judas Priest« tribute compilation, out on November 6th, 2022 via Glory Or Death Records on coloured vinyl and digital.

This compilation is paying a tribute to Judas Priest with artists such as Ruby The Hatchet, Mos Generator, Kind, Heavy Temple, Kyle Shutt of The Sword, Saturn, Salem’s Bend, Great Electric Quest, Ardi, Hudu Akil feat. Kelley Juett, Rob Dukes & Dan Lorenzo and many more.

01. Dukes/Lorenzo – Metal Gods
02. Ardi – Starbreaker
03. Baucum, Bliss & Reed – Heading Out To The Highway
04. Blind Scryer – Dissident Aggressor
05. Exmortus (feat. Jake Nunn) – Metal Meltdown
06. Great Electric Quest – The Ripper
07. Monolith – Island Of Domination
08. Salem’s Bend – Killing Machine
09. Ruby The Hatchet (feat. John Roth) – Dreamer Deceiver + Deceiver
10. Kyle Shutt – Electric Eye
11. Mos Generator – Sinner
12. Hudu Akil (feat. Kelley Juett) – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
13. Monarch – Ram It Down 04:40
14. Heavy Temple – Raw Deal
15. Kind – Don’t Go
16. Saturn – Victim Of Changes

»Bow To Your Masters Volume Three« is coming in hot and heavy as 16 bands pay tribute to the metal gods – Judas Priest!

Released in:
• Test Press – Double Vinyl
• Nebula Vinyl Pressed by Wax Mage Records
• Double Vinyl Dark Grey
• Double Vinyl Transparent Red
• Double Vinyl White
• Superpack with all editions!
• Digital

Order your copy now at or

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