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Brutus stream a brand new live video for the song »All Along« from their upcoming live album, »Live In Ghent«

Belgian post-hardcore/progressive rock trio Brutus stream a brand new live video for the song »All Along« from their upcoming live album, »Live In Ghent«, set to release on October 23rd via Sargent House and Hassle Records (EU/UK).

Says the band: “We released »All Along« on November 21, 2016. It was the first song of our debut album »Burst« that came out early 2017. Back then, we had absolutely no idea about what would happen. We had no big plan, not even big dreams. We had played a hundred shows mostly in Belgium, when all of a sudden there was this warm independent label called Hassle Records and some guys called Wez and Mease who wanted to release our first album »Burst«. »All Along« was the first song out.

As if that wasn’t crazy enough already, Cathy and Marc of Sargent House found out about us, and YOU found out about us! Our world changed. 2018 and 2019 were all about touring all over Europe and even the USA and writing »Nest«. We had to strip down day jobs and cut in on family life to follow this rising dream. We’ve learned that our music touches a lot of people and we are truly honoured by that.

»All Along« is definitely the song that got everything rolling. That’s why »All Along« will always be a special song to us. Hope you’ll love this live version as much as we do.

»Live In Ghent« is up for pre-order right now and will be shipping next month. We have both a black and limited orange pressing for you alongside a CD and a new t shirt. The orange pressing is limited and has already sold out on pre-order in a few places now, so we’ve created this link to help you locate the copies that are left:

Thank you for sticking with us, we miss you.”

01. Fire (Live)
02. Cemetery (Live)
03. Horde II
04. Drive (Live)
05. War (Live)
06. Justice de Julia II
07. Child (Live)
08. Space (Live)
09. Techno (Live)
10. Distance (Live)
11. All Along (Live)
12. Sugar Dragon (Live)
13. Baby Seal (Live)

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