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Californian psych/doom/stoner rock act Ardi premiere a music video for the title track off the upcoming debut album »World Of Madness«

Californian psych/doom/stoner rock act Ardi premiere a music video for the latest single »World Of Madness«.

»World Of Madness« is the title track off the upcoming debut album, which will be released digitally on January 6th, 2023 via Glory Or Death Records. The vinyl pre-orders will also go live on January 6th.

Ardi is a one-man band by multi-instrumentalist Jason “Ardi” Ardissoni from Ventura, California. The project walks into psych/doom-stoner rock/heavy-hard with 70s vibe.

A sonic blend of heavy grooves and no-nonsense riffs with Mark Farner and Ozzy Osbourne persuaded singing, Ardi will rock you and leave you craving more. Inspired by rockers like Dust, Grand Funk Railroad, Pentagram, Scorpions, and Budgie, he covers a range of sounds out of a time capsule from the 1970’s, ready to blast your ass back to the golden age of heavy rock.

Ardi has always had a deep passion for instruments and artistry. This solo project, in which he plays all instruments, sings,produces and created the art for is the culmination of all the distorted sounds from his head and heart. Ardi started playing drums in bands when he was 18. By 24 he was also singing and playing guitar, bass and writing songs. He’s performed with a handful of bands in the Southern California area, taking on whatever instrument was needed. You might have caught him playing with Goat Rhythm, Rubberneck Lions, Siren, Space Panther, Aejis, Copper Clad, Brian Mikasa, Mantis, or Pyroglyphs.

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