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Cavern Deep releases a lyric video for the new single »Waterways« taken from their self-titled debut album

Swedish doom/stoner metal band Cavern Deep releases a lyric video for the new single »Waterways« taken from their self-titled debut album, coming out worldwide this spring via Interstellar Smoke Records.

»Waterways« is song number 4 on the upcoming Cavern Deep concept album, which will be available on vinyl, CD and digital distribution.

Video, mix and mastering was made by Max Malmer at Malmer Productions.

“We lost O’Sullivan and Creedy.. Pulled under by some abominable fiend! There is no end in sight. The ever dripping sounds are amplified by the maze itself.. Miles and miles of rusty pipes and oozing sewers, like some stygian labyrinth.. I’ve told the men to stick to the walls, no one is henceforth allowed to break the black mirror surface.. We already lost too many..”

01. Staring Down
02. Abandoned Quarters
03. Ominous Gardens
04. Waterways
05. Leap Of Faith
06. Deeper Grounds
07. The Fungal Realm
08. The Dark Place

Cavern Deep is a doom/stoner metal band started by Kenny-Oswald Dufvenberg in 2019. The band consists of experienced musicans that are and have been living off and on as professional musicans. During the last year a unique concept album has been written by the band and live-recorded at Malmer Productions. This album is being released by Interstellar Smoke Records during the spring of 2021. Cavern Deep aim to keep making earthy, slow och gloomy music for several years to come. The bands aim to tour on the material as well.

Cavern Deeps self-titled debut concept album is about 50 adventurers that finds the entrance to a lost underground civilization which they enter with the hopes of treasure.

The current constellation of the band is:
Kenny-Oswald Duvfenberg – Guitars and Vocals
Max Malmer – Bass and Vocals
Dennis Sjödin – Drums, Backup Vocals and Keys

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