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Czech stoner rock trio Acid Row share live video for the track »Get Life« from their sophomore album »Afterglow«

Photo by Tereza Kopelentová

Czech stoner rock trio Acid Row share live video for the track »Get Life« from their sophomore full-length album, »Afterglow«, which was released on February 22nd, 2022.

Video was captured live at club wakuum in Graz, Austria in April 2022 during their tour with Swanmay.

Courtesy of AM Promotions:

Baby Charles Manson saddled a hyena on Acid Row’s new album »Afterglow«

New album »Afterglow« from the Czech stoner rock devils Acid Row bears the scent of death, mystery of of afterlife, and the fascination by the matter of the presence. Their second album was released on the magical date of 22. 2. 2022 at 11:11 (CET).

Artwork of the five track full-length album was done as usual by the band designer witch Divá Bára. The hyena is saddled by a toddler with a halo above its head with a psychedelic tableau of liquid lights in the background made by creative group Weird Visuals. Laughing baby is giving the whole concept a bit of undue contrast or sense of irony, because as a matter of fact it’s a real picture of probably the world’s most known cult leader and psychopath Charles Manson.

“For us, »Afterglow« is some kind of a paradox, something like the aporia about flying arrow as defined by Zenon. Some musicians who worked on that album aren’t currently in the band anymore. It’s precisely the moment of the fading light, while you are still being illuminated by the afterglow of it, but knowing at the same time that there is an inevitable darkness coming right away after that. This moment, which isn’t either real or present anymore, is captured by the medium of the album. Exactly the same as watching a photo of baby Manson from today’s perspective, where he’s still innocent, but knowing all those brutal deeds he caused to people later in his life, which as some people think ended up the carefree era of hippies,” says the frontman Alex Fonar.

»Afterglow« is the second full-length album of the Czech band after the debut record Spikes from the year 2018. Venca Zlo, the band’s boisterous former drummer, and also a sound engineer and producer from Rail Way Production, participated on the album’s recording, mixing and production and also as a drummer. Mastering was done by Amak Golden from Prague’s Golden Hive Studio. In the past, the band also released two music videos from the album »Get Life« and »No Church On Sunday«. At the end of the last year Acid Row produced a collab single with the German stoner rock trio Samavayo.

Get »Afterglow« on vinyl/CD here:

Acid Row is:
Alexej Fonar – Vocals, Guitar
Doomin Kles – Guitar
Radek Bacík – Drums

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