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Danish heavy/doom metal trio Trippelgänger presents their third EP »Third Trip«, available now on all major streaming platforms

Danish heavy/doom metal trio Trippelgänger presents their third EP, entitled »Third Trip«, which was just released on September 11th, 2022 and is available now on all major streaming platforms.

01. Virology
02. Ride
03. Doomsday Clock

Music by Trippelgänger.
Lyrics by Nicklas Lind, Christoffer F. Moland.
Mixed & mastered by Christoffer F. Moland.

Trippelgänger is back for a »Third Trip«! Continuing the dizzying trips from the gäng’s preceding two EPs, this third instalment from the trio of tricksters will make your ears bleed when exposed to thundering guitar riffs from the depths of Hell, beastly beats from the wizard’s enchanted drums, and chunky bass tones only a Rickenbacker can create! You’ll be racing down the highway with a madman, contaminated with sonic vira previously unknown to mankind, and caught in roaring hurricanes when gloomy clouds shower the land with acid rain!

Strap in, and let Trippelgänger take you for a ride!

“Can you hear the ominous ticking of the doomsday clock’s countdown to our impending doom?

On »Doomsday Clock« we explore the dire consequences of mankind’s continued complacency in the face of catastrophe. This apocalyptic symphony for our final day on Earth accompanies tolling bells ringing in harmony with thunderclaps from the dark acid rain clouds, leaving you to ask yourself: Where can you run when the day of doom is here?”

Born in the wake of artists like Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Sleep and Black Sabbath, Trippelgänger’s goal is to further enrich the heavy metal genre. We aim to create music played and recorded live, inspired by the heavy sounds of the 70s.

Trippelgänger is:
Christoffer F. Moland – Drums + Vocals
Nicklas Lind – Guitar
Tobias Jacobsen – Bass + Guitar

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