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Dark Matter unveil a lyric video for the first single »The Children Of Tomorrow« taken from their upcoming album »The Rectory«

UK progressive hard rock/metal band Dark Matter has unveiled a lyric video for the first single »The Children Of Tomorrow« taken from their upcoming new album, »The Rectory«, scheduled for release on November 25th, 2022 via Wormholedeath.

01. The Children Of Tomorrow
02. The Healer
03. The Great Divide
04. The Rectory
05. Evil Remains (Down In The Valley, Pt.2)

Courtesy of Carlo Bellotti Publishing:

»The Children Of Tomorrow« is a track taken from Dark Matter upcoming album The Rectory, due for release on November 25th, 2022 via Wormholedeath.

Dark Matter is a progressive hard rock/metal project created by Dave Gilbert. »The Rectory« is the third official album and the unique style of the music is a perfect mix of doomy, heavy, progressive rock.

About »The Rectory«:

The concept of »The Rectory«, is partly tied together by stories that happened in Dave Gilbert’s hometown and surrounding areas. Personal stories and experiences, family experiences, a ghost sighting, and questions/warnings to the listener.

The development of our music is quite simple. Dave writes the lyrics and the melody of the music, and then records all of his parts. The music is given to the other guys to listen to, and then we talk about things if someone feels we need to change something. Alex then plays his parts, followed by Gary. Once this has been finalized, Dave mixes the music and Alex lends an ear, helping with the overall production. We then always ask Gary’s opinion. Once we’re all happy, Dave masters it all.

The music style is something which we really don’t think about. If we had to describe it we’d say it’s naturally doomy, heavy, progressive rock. We just play our own style of hard rock. It just happens. We really don’t want our music to be anything but our own style and creation. We’re all lovers of the music of the 70s and Alex and Gary have been a part of the NWOBHM movement. But genres really aren’t something we dwell on.

Black Sabbath is definitely a huge love and influence for Dave, but there are so many others too, especially early Judas Priest, The Sweet, Thin Lizzy, Rush and many of the 70’s hard rock/prog bands, NWOBHM bands, and progressive rock/psych and folk bands. Of later bands, Porcupine Tree is one that Dave loves.

Gary’s first influence came from The Sweet and Steve Priest, plus other glam rock bands. Steve Priest is the reason why Gary chose the bass as his instrument. Later influences were AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple.

Alex has many influences from early Slade, Wishbone Ash, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen, UFO & Thin Lizzy but the biggest influences have to be Michael Schenker & Gary Moore and the later additions of Paul Gilbert & Joe Satriani.

Dark Matter originally was the solo recording project of Dave Gilbert. A project for learning how to record at home and put songs together, which he’d written.

A late starter in playing, in his mid-40s, Dave bought a guitar from a work colleague and started writing songs. He then bought a small Boss digital recorder and recorded an album »Dark Matter« (2015) which was totally homemade. On hearing this album, Gandalf’s Fist drummer Stefan Hepe asked if he could join Dave and make more music. Dave agreed and Dark Matter became a two-piece.

Two albums were recorded under this line-up, »Wood Lane« (2017) and »The Ghosts Of Dunwich« (2019). These albums were professionally self-released with Stefan taking over mixing and mastering duties.

Dave had always dreamed of working with an incredible lead guitarist. Alex Perry, who plays in NWOBHM legends Mythra, had mentioned to Dave that he’d have liked to have played some guitar on those previous albums. Rather than someone playing bits here and there, Dave asked Alex if he’d become a band member. Alex agreed.

Knowing of Stefan’s workload at that time, Alex and Dave decided to record an album together as Arcadian Temple. »Arcadian Temple« was professionally self-released in 2020.

As Dave had loads of tracks written for Dark Matter and Stefan was ready to continue, Dave asked another friend, Gary Aubert of NWOBHM legends Legend (Jersey), if he’d like to take up bass duties. He agreed and Dark Matter became a four-piece.

The third official Dark Matter album »The Rectory« was written and recording had started. However, it was evident that Stefan couldn’t continue due to other commitments, so Dave took over drum duties, mixing, and mastering also, with Alex helping Dave with production.

On hearing »Arcadian Temple«, Jacopo Vigezzi, owner of Progressive Rock Journal webzine and collaborator for WormHoleDeath, contacted Arcadian Temple, asking if they would send their album to label owner Carlo Bellotti because he liked the sound and thought the music needed to be heard worldwide.

So, as Arcadian Temple is similar in sound to Dark Matter’s new line up, Dave sent both albums. Carlo loved the material and Dark Matter has signed to WormHoleDeath.

Dark Matter is:
Dave Gilbert – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keys, Drums
Alex Perry – Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Gary Aubert – Bass Guitar

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