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Devil’s Witches released sophomore full-length album »In All Her Forms« via Majestic Mountain Records and the band’s own label Charlie Company

UK psychedelic occult stoner/doom act Devil’s Witches is streaming its sophomore full-length album, »In All Her Forms«, which was just released on October 28th, 2022 via Majestic Mountain Records and the band’s own label Charlie Company.


01. L’image
02. Successive Slidings Of Pleasure
03. Blood Of The Witch

04. Pussycat In A Woman’s Skin
05. Space Age Sorceress
06. Hunting Dracul

07. Shadows In The Mirror
08. Magic Mama
09. Smoke & Sorcery

10. Queen Of Wands
11. Tides Upon Jupiter
12. Hymn For The Supervixen

Courtesy of Majestic Mountain Records:

The wait is finally over. The brand new album from Devil’s Witches »In All Her Forms« is out now on Bandcamp and every major streaming platform.🔥

»In All Her Forms« has also landed physically at MMR headquarters and we cant’t wait for you to experience the quality of this incredible package. From the music itself, right on down to the eight page booklet, »In All Her Forms« is a thing of beauty to behold and to experience.

We’re working hard to get the records out there for you, thanks so much for all your incredible support as always.
The album will be available almost everywhere, but direct support to the label is always best. Much love to everyone who’s picked up a copy and helped us spread the word thus far.

Head over to the Majestic shop for regular editions and to Devil’s Witches Charlie Company to secure your special CD with original »In All Her Forms« tarot card and regular vinyl editions:

Maiden. Mistress. Mother. Matriarch.

»In All Her Forms« by Devil’s Witches is the most complete expression of everything they set out to achieve in art so far. There is music, poetry, thunderous doomy riffs, haunting ballads, expressive piano and beautiful album photography shot on location in the Holy Island by music and fashion photographer Ian West.

The 12 album tracks are woven within a thematic quadrant focusing on the four generating themes of “Maiden, Mistress, Mother, Matriarch” respectively, each creating a triplet quarter of the diegesis. As you press deeper into the lyrics and poetry there are mise en abymes and other narrative mysteries to be discovered. »In All Her Forms« is the evolution of the traditional concept album into something much more multi-faceted and nouveau.

Devil’s Witches comment: “The new Devil’s Witches album »In All Her Forms« is now available on Bandcamp and is rolling out digitally on every major music streaming platform.

Thank you to everyone for your loyal support in the past 5 years. It means more than I could put into words. This album belongs to you now. I put in everything I had which includes both elements I finely crafted and others that were pure experimental magic. However, I know you’re going to find experiences in there that even I couldn’t predict. Make it yours.

Thank you to Marco at Majestic Mountain Records for trusting me and giving me absolutely everything I asked for. “Everything in service of the album, everything in service of the artist.” Thank you.

Ian West you know how much I deeply love everything you brought to this album’s photography. Timeless and beautiful. You are an artist and I am honoured to be a part of you work.

Lastly I want to thank someone that I don’t thank enough. Andy Shardlow. He wasn’t involved in this albums creation or recording but he was there for the entirety of it. He listened in real time as every track was in demo stage, early recordings, the changes, and he offered his opinions and most of all support. He encouraged me to keep pushing further into the directions that I was. Thank you . Your contribution to my life means everything to me.
»In All Her Forms« is out now!

Head over to Charlie Company now to secure your CD with tarot and regular copies of »In All Her Forms«!”

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