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Doom/black metal one-man band Paranoid Existence sign with Kvlt und Kaos Productions to release first album!

Doom/black metal one-man band Paranoid Existence has signed with the Austrian label Kvlt und Kaos Productions. Debut full-length album »Drakaina« is scheduled for release on June 9th, 2023.

Watch a visualizer video for the first single and title track »Drakaina« below!

01. Portal To The Depths Of Your Soul (Intro)
02. Drakaina
03. Silence Of The Night
04. Voices Of Your Soul
05. The Fear Of The Unknown
06. Drakaina’s Eye

Bass and vocals: Emerson Mordien
Drums, mix and master: Niko Teixeira
Artwork: Everton Souza

Courtesy of EM Music Management:

Paranoid Existence: Signed contract with European label to release first album

The one man band Paranoid Existence was founded in 2018 by bassist/vocalist Emerson Mordien, at the time as a grind crust project and which released 2 splits and participated in several compilations around the world. Due to his other activities, Emerson took a break from the project, but in January 2023, the musician decided to reformulate the band’s identity. Now with a new logo, walking the paths of doom, black and death metal with lyrics talking about nature, mythology, paganism among other topics, Emerson Mordien has just announced yet another great novelty.

Paranoid Existence has just announced that it has signed a contract with the Austrian label Kvlt und Kaos to release its first album »Drakaina« on European soil. The album, which contains 5 songs + 1 intro will be released in Europe in CD and Tape formats and will also be distributed by the Kult Und Kaos label.

»Drakaina« will also be released on CD in Argentina, Brazil and Indonesia, in addition to being released on all streaming platforms. The album is expected to be released on June 9, 2023. In June, Paranoid Existence will do a Mini Tour in Argentina, which will pass through La Plata, Buenos Aires and Azul.

Here you can check out the title track of the first album »Drakaina«, which will be released in June.

Is available now the Pre-Order Digital of my first album »Drakaina« on Bandcamp!

Do the pre-order now, receive »Drakaina« song and June 9 you will receive the whole album in your mail.

Doing the pre-order, you’re helping me to continue recording new songs and help me with the costs for the upcoming tours!

Thank you!

Emerson Mordien

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