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Doomed & Stoned presents »Doomed & Stoned in Scotland«!

Doomed & Stoned presents the new edition of their doom metal & stoner rock series, »Doomed & Stoned in Scotland«, which takes us on a journey through the lowlands and highlands of Scotland this time.

As always, this compilation is available as a free download on Bandcamp.

Courtesy of Infecting Cells PR:

»Doomed & Stoned in Scotland« is here!

“The latest of Doomed & Stoned’s critically acclaimed series documenting the explosion of doom metal & stoner rock around the world takes us on a journey through the lowlands and highlands of Scotland!

The country’s Gaelic name is Alba (pronounced “Al-eh-ba”) and it’s worth noting the ancient tribe that settled it were called Caledonians — an old word that means “hard” or “tough.” You can hear that age-old rough ‘n tumble spirit reflected in the rock and metal of Scotland, especially, which we aim to explore in Vol. 35 of our compilation set, out Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 as a free download on Bandcamp.

There’ll be plenty to discover, with nearly 40 bands featured — including the classic rock outfit IRON CLAW, founded in 1969. Joining them are some of the scene’s heaviest hitters: A Ritual Spirit, Ancient Of Days, Aye-aye, Bacchus Baracus, Bisongrass, Bosphorus, Buried Sleeper, Cultmaster, Deaf Mountain, Death Watch, Dog Tired, Electric Mother, Forever Machine, Hair Of The Dog, Harbinger Of Storms, Headless Kross, Iron Altar, Isak, Jackal-Headed Guard Of The Dead, Juniper Grave, King Witch, Lords Of Bastard, Lucid Sins, Melted Messiah, Of Spire & Throne, Ommadon, Psychotic Depression, Pyre Of The Earth, Razor Sharp Death Blizzard, Robot Death Monkey, Sapien, Sloth Metropolis, Solar Sons, Steve Ingle And The Druids, The Kryss Talmeth Experience, The Rhubarb, Thine Inner Sanctum, Tommy Concrete… and more!

As with past volumes in the series, we hope you’ll find your next favorite band in the process, and learn more about the vibrant nature of the scene at large. Scotland, especially, has a penchant for story telling and epic narratives in its music.

»Doomed & Stoned in Scotland« (2021) is out now and available for streaming or download at:

You won’t want to miss this exciting compilation!

Big thanks to my team led by Laura Gilchrist of King Witch, Bailly Junior of, Steve Roger of Doom Charts, Johnny Pire of Doom Charts and Hour Of The Riff, Adam Holt of Hair Of The Dog, and Mr. Colin MacGregor, who painted an oil-on-canvas album cover for the occasion.”


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