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Doomed Confessionary: Brunö (MonastR)

MonastR is a crust/sludge/post-metal duo from Marseille, France.

The band’s debut album »On Your Knees« was released on November 6th, 2022 in cooperation with Shove Records, Counteract Recordings, Insane Society, Dure Réalité, Fresh Outbreak Records, Malammore, Nothing To Harvest Records and Coups de Couteau. »On Your Knees« is available on silver vinyl with gatefold cover.

Can you say a few words about your band?
We’re MonastR from Marseille (France). We’re a guitar (Brunö) & drums (Didier) duo, we both sing, often together because our voices are rather complementary. We’ve been playing together for 10 years in different bands. Our music is a mix of melodic crust, post-metal and doom. Overall, it’s quite heavy. Our lyrics mostly deal with ecology & apocalypse. Broadly, it’s not very optimistic about the future of our planet… We also use samples to get our message across or to enhance the sinister or melancholic atmosphere. The band started in 2019, releasing the album »On Your Knees« last year on various international record labels.

What was the biggest challenge for the band last year?
As we both have families with kids, the biggest challenge was to find free time to do 2 small tours last year. We would like to do more but… C’est la vie!

What can you be most proud of last year?
A few weeks ago, we played for the first time in Paris on tour. It was an important date for us with 2 other bands, Valve and Rorcal, who have a name in the scene. We were feeling a bit of pressure but everything went fine, we’re pretty proud!

What was your biggest regret?
Last year was the last edition of the Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic and I think our biggest regret is never being able to play there. Even if the atmosphere of the last few editions was less cool, especially in the after-party tents, this festival has been our favorite for years.

What was the best concert/tour last year and why?
We like playing outdoors so we really enjoyed the show we did in the skatepark in downtown Brussels. With a big church in the background, this skatepark is really amazing and photogenic. The vibe with all the skaters doing tricks around us was great and the crowd was enthusiastic and receptive, it was a really special moment.

What was the biggest surprise on the music scene for you?
In our hometown Marseille, there are more & more people active in the punk/hardcore/crust scene and it’s good news!

Where can we see you live this year (concerts/tours)?
This summer, Didier may move to Canada for a year. So we may take the opportunity to play some gigs over there, it’d be great. Otherwise we’d like to play in Spain this spring or why not Germany.

What are your plans for this as a band? What do you personally want the most?
We would like to record 2 songs this summer to release an EP. They’re almost ready but we are still working on some transitions and some drum parts still need to be worked out. Each song lasts 10 minutes so it takes time! Moreover, as a duo, there are fewer options to make the songs melodic and powerful.

How can people best support your band?
Listen to our album on one of the streaming sites, share it with your friends and come to our shows to tell us if you like it. And why not buy our first album!?

Do you have any message for your listeners?
We would like to thank those who made us play during the 2 last years and those who came to our shows. Stay tuned because we think the 2 next songs will be more refined than ever. And if we’re playing live in your area, come and see us!

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