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Doomed Confessionary: Chuck Ransom (The Chuck Norris Experiment)

Photos by Richard Bloom

Since the birth of The Chuck Norris Experiment back in 2004, the Swedish rock monster have released 11 studio albums, numerous singles, collections and split albums with bands like Gluecifer, Sator, The Nomads, Danko Jones, Mondo Generator, Electric Frankenstein, Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, The Nomads, Scumbag Millionaire, The Drippers, Backyard Babies and many more.

The band name The Chuck Norris Experiment is often believed to been taken after the US martial arts champion Chuck Norris. But as all true believers and lovers of rock’n’roll know, the band name is a tribute to the legendary American blues guitarist Charles “Chuck” Norris, who recorded the classic live album »Los Angeles Flash« in the band’s hometown Gothenburg on June 25, 1980.

The band is on constant tour and will hopefully hit your town soon!

Can you say a few words about your band?
We are an action hard rock band based in Gothenburg, Sweden! We have been a band for 20 years in 2024.

What was the biggest challenge for the band last year?
Last year was a good year 🙂 We wrote and recorded our 2024 album »20« and we got to play some really nice clubs and festivals.
We also go our old guitar player Chuck Daniels back in the band, so yeah, only good stuff last year.

What can you be most proud of so far?
Oh, we have done so many cool and fun things over the years, but I think when we got to play the German festival “Rockpalast” which is also recorded and broadcasted on German TV, that was a highlight of our carreer as a band. I am crazy proud of our new album, I think it is the coolest one we done this far.

What was your biggest regret?
None really, I don’t believe in regrets, but if I have to say one thing… I wish I started playing in a band much earlier than I did. I was around 30 when we went for it, 20 would have been cool, but then I might not be alive today 🙂

What was the best concert/tour last year and why?
We headlined a festival in Germany called Langeln Open Air last summer. It was a really nice event, and a good crowd. It felt really good.

What was the biggest surprise on the music scene for you?
As a band you mean? I think the thing that surprised me most is how shitty it is to play shows in the UK. Everywhere else people treat you nice, gets you food, drinks, hotels etc. But in the UK you should just be happy that you are alowed to play for free.

What is currently in your heavy musical rotation?
I listen to everything that I feel is real music. Right now I am listening alot to Marduk and Wolf. But back home I listen alot to old country music and also instrumental surf. I eat anything as long as it is well cooked.

Can you say something more about the music scene in Gothenburg area?
I live in Kungsbacka, which is 20 minutes south of Gothenburg. I think everyone knows about the Göteborg metal scene, so that does not need any introduction. From my hometown we got a few good bands: Manimal, Mannekin & Domesticated Riot. We had a band back in the 80’s that was called Norden Light that was pretty big in Japan (at least that is what they say).

Where can we see you live this year (concerts/tours)?
We will play Germany, Spain, Sweden and UK this year, and next year we will go back to California for a small tour.

What are your plans for the future as a band?
We have already strated writing for our 12th studio album, which I hope we can get out in 2025, other than that, I hope we get some really nice festivals booked, so we can go out and pretend to be big rock starts once in a while.

How can people best support your band?
Go to out gigs, and buy our records. And of course check us out on the streaming services and tell your friends about us if you like us! Here’s our webshop, where you also can listen to every song we ever recorded for free!

Do you have any message for your listeners?
Be kind to each other and always ROCK!

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