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Doomed Confessionary: Marcel, Lisa & Patrick (SPECK)

Photos by Benni Seidl

SPECK is an instrumental heavy psych/space rock/krautrock trio from Vienna, Austria.

In late 2019, a concert slot in Vienna had to be filled on short notice. The three musicians were asked to help out and play a jam set. The crowd loved it and asked for their band name. Thus SPECK was born.

Since then, the trio conquered many a venue in Austria and abroad. Each live show is an energetic and intense experience, carrying the suspense of the unexpected. Rumbling drums, hypnotic bass lines, expressive guitar soli, heavy wah use, feedback noise, shifting frequencies.

The band’s latest full-length album »Eine Gute Reise« was released on October 27th, 2023 via Tonzonen Records.

SPECK are Marcel Cultrera on guitar, Lisa Winkelmüller on bass and Patrick Säuerl on drums.

Can you say a few words about your band?
Marcel: Sure! We are a Viennese heavy psych/space rock trio leaning heavily into improvisation as our element of choice. Our recordings are one-take jams and our concerts are never the same. When people tell us what they like about our music it’s often prescribed as dynamic, energetic and trippy. Once we start playing it’s a never ending stream of constant evolving motives without losing the magic of repetition and groove.

Patrick: It’s fun, we are extremely lucky, I never thought jamming the whole time could bring so much joy to so many people. And, it’s also awesome that everyone can bring in their influences and we roll with it, resulting in spheric parts and also double bass/skank beat madness.

Lisa: It’s actually amazing that all three of us can play what they want at the same time. Ideally, while playing, we become this abstract, constantly moving, dynamic and shape-changing thing that is bigger than the three of us, something like a cloud.

What was the biggest challenge for the band?
Marcel: I think the most difficult thing for most bands is probably the whole “it’s a small business-thing” where you have to manage everything else apart from making music. Sometimes it’s tedious but it got us to cool places and we were able to make friends all over planet earth.

Patrick: As Marcel said, balancing the music making, the business side of things and private lives. It’s really an awesome ride we are having so far and keeping it up, whilst keeping in touch with the other parts of our lives is hard.

What can you be most proud of so far?
Marcel: So far we have been very lucky for all those opportunities that we got. Playing many shows abroad, getting to know cool people and receiving such good feedback and response from many supporters means a lot to us. Thank you! We are proud of every step so far.

What was your biggest regret?
Marcel: No ragrets. We try our best.

Patrick: We had one awesome jam that we recorded, but our microphone setup in the rehearsing room was not there yet. We really would have liked to have released this one.

Lisa: Now you say it, I second this, haha. Also all the jams we didn’t record at all.

What was the best concert/tour so far and why?
Marcel: There were many tours that we enjoyed very much. The most memorable one is probably our weekender with Kanaan and Karaba in Munich and Vienna. On our way to Munich our car broke down and we were very lucky to get away without having an accident. Somehow we made our way to Munich by taxi, train and some footwork carrying the most important stuff that we could, leaving back our sleeping bags and so on. We got there five minutes before stage time and directly hit the stage and jammed for an hour. Also Kanaan and Karaba killed it. Incredible musicians. Check them out!

Patrick: I really remember Hoflärm festival. I was there and thinking: “Damn, 8 years ago I was sitting at home watching Such Hawks Such Hounds documentary with Acid King and now we are sharing the same stage.” That was special, also the kind words from Jason Willer.

What was the biggest surprise on the music scene for you?
Marcel: I discover something new (or old) all the time. There are great bands popping up every day. Without the underground, I fear there will be no surprises anymore. So stand against the closings of important venues and safe spaces in your hometown. Support the underground.

Patrick: How “small” and welcoming it is 🙂 There is really a lot of appreciation for the other bands, venus and concert organizers.

What is currently in your heavy musical rotation?
Lisa: The debut tape by Bum Shelter from Vienna! They are an insane live band, too!

Marcel: »First Base« by Babe Ruth, »Nihonjin« by Far Out and »X« by Klaus Schulze and also the debut tape by Bum Shelter from Vienna. Dark, sludgy, spacey and groovy at the same time.

Patrick: Devin Townsend, and a lot of blues.

What was the best advice you’ve ever been given as a musician?
Marcel: To believe in yourself.

Lisa: Dave Schmidt aka Sula Bassana told us: If you feel like you played a bad gig, so what, there’s no jam police coming for you!

Patrick: Work on your sound – by Valentin Schuster.

What are your guilty pleasures?
Marcel: I have a huge bias for 80s stuff. From big pop productions to crazy synthesizer madness. There’s lots to discover.

Lisa: Thought experiments about small, more or less unlawful activist missions.

Patrick: Dad Jokes.
Donut eye filter of a photo app
Dates (the fruit)
Dad Jokes.

Marcel and Lisa: Yes we can confirm.

Can you say something more about the music scene in Vienna / Austria?
Marcel: The music scene in Austria is simply amazing. Packed with many talented musicians, artists and such. The scene is not too big but big enough to fill every venue there is. It feels very family-like. Certainly worth having a closer look.

Lisa: Capeet has a website on which +all+ cool gigs in Austria are collected: Check it out before you come visit Austria!

Where can we see you live this year (concerts/tours)?
Lisa: Let me copy&paste something for you:
☯︎ June 01 DE Netphen, Freak Valley Festival
☯︎ Aug 09-10 AT Döbriach, Sauzipf Festival
☯︎ Oct 11 DE Munich, Keep It Low Festival
☯︎ Oct 12 DE Wuppertal, Alte Schlosserei
☯︎ Oct 25 AT Vöcklabruck, OKH with Sula Bassana
☯︎ Nov 29–Dec 1 DE Würzburg, Cairo, Psychedelic Network Festival
☯︎ Dec 28 DE T.B.A.

What are your plans for the future as a band?
Marcel: Keep going. Doing what we like and what feels good. Time will tell.

Patrick: Yeah, keeping on – creating records – touring – the good stuff 🙂

Lisa: More stickers!

How can people best support your band?
Marcel: Sharing is caring. If you like our music, come to see us live and bring a friend. Having a beer and a chat together is something we always appreciate. Buying records and merch in general helps us a lot. You can also leave us a tip if you’d like. If you have something else in mind, please get in touch.

Do you have any message for your listeners?
Lisa: As an impro band, a message we can transport is the necessity to go further and beyond even when you’re stuck sometimes, and to not be afraid to make mistakes – in the words of Bob Ross: make them birds!

Marcel: In the spirit of Bob Ross – there are only happy accidents. Don’t take everything too seriously. Slow down, relax. Take it easy. Less is more.

Patrick: Find out who you are and stick to it – a lot of other things will follow!

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