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Doomed Confessionary: Théo, Guillaume & Maxime (Greyborn)

The story of Greyborn begins in this small gap between light and darkness, somewhere in the cold and mineral city of Limoges, France. The hopes of a hedonistic generation are shattered as they come up against the programmed decline of our civilization. Greyborn is the messenger of this mass disenchantment, providing its corrosive, disturbing, but highly hip-swaying soundtrack. Their decadent brand of heavy rock feeds in the world’s darkest corners and follows its own rules, and you won’t help but get struck by its lyricism, taking the form of a both hopeless and poetic political satire.

Greyborn are Théo Jude (lead vocals & drums), Guillaume Barrou (bass & backing vocals) and Maxime Conan (guitar & backing vocals).

Can you say a few words about your band?
Hi everyone, thanks for having us. We’re Greyborn, a stoner/doom rock band from France. Our debut EP, »Leeches«, was released in 2022, and we’re now ready to unleash the second one, »Scars«, on March 8th.

“Led by a drummer singer, the band crafts its own balance, sculpts its own raw materials: crushing heaviness, contemplative violence, epic melodies, hypnotic atmospheres sometimes bleak, sometimes radiant.”

What was the biggest challenge for the band last year?
It was probably to simply exist as a band whether on the internet and social media, or live as gigs opportunities (in France at least) become increasingly rare.

What can you be most proud of last year?
Precisely the same thing as the previous answer! Let’s also add the facts we opened for the Hellfest Warmup Tour in our hometown, and that we began to tour abroad with some gigs in Switzerland and Belgium.

What was your biggest regret?
Not being financially able to press vinyls. People are often bummed that we don’t have any.

What was the best concert/tour last year and why?
Guillaume: Things become a blur quite quickly for me so I’m not sure, but probably the Hellfest Warmup Tour gig we did in Limoges.
Théo: For me it was Le Trokson in Lyon in February. It was one of these shows where the audience gives off a lot of energy, I felt some kind of nice and warm symbiosis between them and us.

What was the biggest surprise on the music scene for you?
Maxime: I saw Birds In Row live for the first time this year. I never thought a band could be this good. So powerful and beautiful at the same time.
Théo: I’d say My Diligence, a Belgian stoner band we played with in Paris. Maxime told me about them some months ago, and it was really cool to discover their music live.
Guillaume: My Diligence as well. And Ramkot, also Belgians. Something in the water, I guess.

Where can we see you live this year (concerts/tours)?
Mostly in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Limoges, Tulle, some festivals this summer…), but we should also tour in Italy in April.

What are your plans for this year as a band? What do you personally want the most?
Our second EP is coming out March 8th, so promote it will be the main thing.
Théo: For Greyborn, I’d simply like this new EP to keep our audience modestly growing. Personally, I’d like a balanced year between thrilling music and a peaceful life at home.
Guillaume: Just for the band to keep growing and doing stuff.

How can people best support you?
Théo: The usual: listen to our music and spread it if they like it, buy our merch, follow us on social media and come see us live if we’re playing nearby!
Maxime: Spread the word, tell your friends about us!

Do you have any message for your listeners?
Sure, first of all, thanks for following us, we’re truly glad the music we create and cast out there resonates with you. Feel free to contact us anytime so we can get to know you!

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