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Doomed Confessionary XXL: Óscar, Juanjo & Mireia (Rosy Finch)

Photos by Pablo Ferao / Creative Madness Lab

Alicante, Spain based power trio Rosy Finch brews a heady mix of sludge, stoner grooves and 90’s era alternative potency, escalated by overdriven guitars and passionate, unearthly vocals to create an atmosphere that builds eerie shadows and ethereal darkness.

Their latest EP »Seconda Morte« was released on November 4th, 2022 via Lay Bare Recordings, Discos Macarras and La Rubia Producciones.

Rosy Finch are Óscar Soler (bass), Juanjo Ufarte (drums) and Mireia Porto (vocals, guitar).

Can you say a few words about your band?
Mireia: Rosy Finch has been around for more than ten years. The sounds of the 90s have deeply influenced us as a band. Movies and horror literature hold a special place in our hearts, and we aim to achieve complete freedom in our songwriting.

How did you get started in music?
Mireia: Playing an instrument has been a part of our lives since adolescence. In my case, I started learning to play the guitar at the age of 8. I began playing the electric guitar at 12 and formed my first band at 15.
I didn’t feel like I belonged to the trendy music in my city. I’ve always felt that rock should be a part of my life, not just as a listener. My desire to write my own songs became a necessary part of my life over time. Music has been a great help to me and saved me from many other things. It will always be a part of my identity.

What are your biggest influences?
Óscar: Our artistic vein pulsates with the raw energy of 90s rock, punk, and metal, echoing the spirit of bands like Melvins, Nirvana, L7 and Babes In Toyland. We find inspiration not only in their sonic landscapes but also in the visual world of cult classics like »The Shining« and B-movie horror gems. Moreover, the surreal genius of David Lynch, particularly in his iconic creation, »Twin Peaks«, resonates deeply with us. His masterful manipulation of sound and imagery serves as a profound wellspring of inspiration, infusing our work with a hauntingly compelling allure.

How much do you think has the band’s sound evolved from the early days?
Óscar: For the band, the transition in lineup marks a significant shift, a distinct before and after. Yet, amidst this evolution, the core essence endures, pulsating with renewed vitality. Presently, the band’s sonic landscape is imbued with a raw, untamed energy, reflecting a newfound intensity both in sound and on stage. The once subtle nuances of heaviness and darkness now take center stage, as we strive to channel the visceral emotions of anguish and fury that define our music.

Do you have favorite Rosy Finch song(s)?
Juanjo: Absolutely! I’m a huge fan of »Vermilion«, especially that epic final guitar solo! Whenever I play it live, it’s like being transported into a whole new world, where I feel like I’m soaring five meters above the stage!

What your songwriting process looks like?
Mireia: Sometimes, we bring a new riff to the rehearsal room and we play it together multiple times until a new song is finished. Other times, we just improvise and record it. On occasion, I bring a song that I have composed entirely on my own. Inspiration and free time to flow are crucial. We always finish the instruments first, the vocal part is always left for the last. I like composing the vocals alone.

Where can we see you live this year (concerts/tours)?
Óscar: We have planned some shows in Spain, but we have not yet confirmed anything abroad. Composing our new album is our top priority. The shows will have to wait a little bit for now. Don’t worry, there’s more to come!

What are your plans for the next year as a band? What do you personally want the most?
Óscar: We will dedicate most of this year to recording the new album. Our objective is to demonstrate to ourselves how far we can advance as musicians and reach our top capabilities with the new songs. We will be entering the studio at the end of this year. The plan for next year is to present the new album at all the locations and festivals that come our way. We work in a step by step process and now it’s crucial to concentrate on the new music. Can’t wait to hit the studio!

How can people best support you?
Juanjo: It may sound like a joke, but people can help us by attending our shows and buying our music and merch. Without money, we couldn’t afford the expenses for touring and recording. We’re still a fairly DIY band!!

Have you ever played any unusual places that you’ll never forget?
Juanjo: Yeah, I’ve played in some pretty unusual venues, like a bustling street in my city after a protest (there was just a small PA system and no stage!), or a tiny bar where my drum kit couldn’t fit, so I had to improvise with a flamenco drumming box instead! Some punk venues, even the occupied ones, have been quirky and memorable places to perform!

Which European countries have you toured so far?
Mireia: We have given concerts in Sweden, the Netherlands, London, Portugal, Belgium and Spain, especially during festivals (Desertfest, Sonic Blast, Wizard of fuzz, Resurrection etc.). We really want to go back to Europe, tour new cities and play in more venues. Our new album is currently being written and we hope to have this opportunity soon.

What are your favorite activities to kill time on the road?
Juanjo: Talk, talk, talk. It’s really hard for me to sleep when I’m traveling, so I prefer to make jokes or imagine absurd situations. Discussing both national and international politics with my friends is also a regular thing, which helps time pass more quickly.

You teamed up with singer Monty Peiró for The Smashing Pumpkins cover »Love«. How came to that special collaboration?
Mireia: Monty is an exceptional friend and musician. We have known each other for a long time because of our involvement in the feminist movement and music. The radio show “Bienvenido a los 90’s” invited us to work together on the Smashing Pumpkins compilation »Mellon Collie & The Infinite Woman« anniversary tribute album. We really wanted to sing together, it was something that would occur sooner or later cause there’s a great admiration and affection for each other and We both have a strong love for music.

Do you play any cover song on your shows?
Óscar: We have recorded a few covers of artists we have a great respect for, but we decided not to perform them live. This decision allows us to focus on showcasing our original music during our live sets. However, we remain open to the possibility of revisiting this option in the future and incorporating some of those covers into our concerts.

What kind of crowd attends to your concerts?
Óscar: From our perspective, we’ve noticed a higher number of female attendees, especially when compared to other shows where bands composed solely of men. We believe that Mireia’s role as our front-woman serves as a source of inspiration for them. Watching her confidently display her skills on stage, particularly in front of predominantly male audiences, is empowering and meaningful to many.

What can you tell me about heavy music scene in Alicante, Spain?
Óscar: We can’t speak much about the heavy or rock scene in Alicante because it’s practically non-existent. There are bands, of course, spanning various styles, but there isn’t a cohesive movement or a general culture in our city that supports different scenes. Organizing certain things becomes very difficult; you find yourself without support from institutions, and the few events that do happen are often organized by the same people, for the same audience.

Do you have a memory of a song or an album from your childhood or teenage years that you are emotionally linked to?
Juanjo: I have a memory of lovingly looking at my father’s vinyl collection, often immersing myself in the mesmerizing sounds of Pink Floyd’s »Shine On You Crazy Diamond« on repeat.I would allow my imagination to run wild, bringing to mind scenes from vast western landscapes featuring snipers prepared for battle. Discovering Nirvana and Radiohead was a revelation for me. Their music captivated me instantly, with tracks like »Aneurysm« and »Paranoid Android« igniting a deep and enduring love.

What is currently in your heavy musical rotation? Any recommendations?
Óscar: Well, skipping the classics to avoid boring you too much… I could mention Die Spitz, a band of really young but definitely talented girls, or Faetooth, another all-female band that dubs their style “fairy doom” and released a sublime album a couple of years ago that we absolutely love from start to finish. Other bands that get quite a bit of play on our turntable are Spotlights, King Woman, Windhand and Undersmile.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given as a musician?
Mireia: During my musical career, I have known wonderful musicians but also people who try to take advantage of your efforts. We have always worked alone, with no help from anyone (except our crew and labels we trust). We have been fighting for years in the underground scene to gain recognition for our work and I’ve to say that the greatest advice I’ve received was from Juanjo (Rosy Finch’s drummer). He also plays in The Dry Mouths, an excellent underrated band. Their support has always been in a similar situation to ours. A few years ago he told me: “It is important to live the moment and take full advantage of every concert and experience with the band. Our music is the most important thing, cause it could end unexpectedly one day.” His best friend and bandmate passed away a few years ago, so this advice is very significant to me.

Have you ever sacrificed anything in your life for a better future of your band?
Juanjo: Each of us has our own jobs, unrelated to music. Sometimes, we have to make tough decisions and sacrifice things like pursuing other hobbies, spending time with friends on weekends (due to concerts, rehearsals, recordings…), or simply resting – though it’s often not enough. But I believe we’ve chosen this path as a lifestyle, and in the end, we find happiness in the experiences and people we encounter along the way.

What are your guilty pleasures?
Mireia: Take a hot bath alone with the best music and lighting and relax on a stressful day. Find the perfect chord that is missing from a good riff. I enjoy spending time with my dogs outdoors. Listen to records from the 90s. Drinking wine and having lengthy conversations with my good friends. Enjoy the live music of a new band.

Do you have any message for your listeners?
Óscar: We would like to express our gratitude to all our fans for their support and let them know that Rosy Finch will become even more furious and wild in 2024!

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