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Doomed & Stoned presents their new compilation »Doomed & Stoned in Colorado«

Doomed & Stoned has recently unveiled their third compilation this year! »Doomed & Stoned in Colorado« is featuring 56 bands from the heavy underground of the US state Colorado, with an emphasis on doom metal and stoner rock. This compilation includes bands like Dust Lord, Low Gravity, Abrams, Sun Of Grey, Messiahvore, Lost Relics, Near Dusk, Stone Deaf, Burning Sister and many many more.

01. 908 – Blame
02. Abrams – Poison Bullets
03. Alone – Diminishing Aid
04. Blighter – Elusive Mindset
05. Blood Of Lilith – Shield Maiden
06. Buffalo Tombs – I Am That I Am
07. Burial Rites – Bruja
08. Burning Sister – Path Destroyer
09. Cleanse The Destroyers – The Apparition of Phobos Forest
10. Cosmic Abyss – X
11. Crotalus – Of Solace and Grief
12. Deer Creek – Shitcanned Drunk
13. Drune – Venus In Furs
14. Dust Lord – The Bog
15. Earthdiver – Cut The Bone Away
16. Electric Condor – Was Gonna Say
17. Eternal Fissure – Seas of Mortality
18. Falcon Haptics – Thy Horror Sonic
19. Fell Harvest – Pale Light in a Dying World
20. Freak Delusion – Cheesing
21. Ghost Spawn – Corporeal Rift
22. Goat Hill Massacre – Black Water Burial
23. GypsyByrd – The Mountain
24. Ice Troll – Elder Currents
25. Jacket Of Spiders – House of Cards
26. Kalakuta – Nulll
27. Letters From The Sun – December
28. Los Toms – Baphomet
29. Lost Relics – Unrealistic Cause
30. Lost Tribes Of The Moon – Wych Elm
31. Love Gang – Heavy Metal Thunder
32. Low Gravity – Lord of Time
33. Messiahvore – Doublecross
34. Near Dusk – Anoint You
35. Never Kenezzard – Gravity
36. Night Of The Living Shred – My Favorite Color is Orange Because I Like the Tone
37. NightWraith – Hooves
38. Nuclear Flesh – Deformed
39. Orcinus – Dog Eat Dog
40. Retention – New Satanic Scripture
41. Smellblind – Blend of Days
42. Seed Of The Sorcerer, Womb Of The Witch – Moss Crotch
43. Still Valley – Torgo
44. Stone Deaf – Cloven Hoof
45. Sun Of Grey – Lucifer Smiled
46. Telluric Effluvium – Dissolution of the Threefold Self (Part 1)
47. The Munsens – Unhanded
48. The Vashon Seed – Rye Whiskey
49. Tovenaar – Forests
50. Upon A Field’s Whisper – Spread Death
51. Valiomierda – The Occult
52. Velnias – Aurora Rune
53. Void Master – Electric Liquor Land
54. Voltaic – Famine
55. WarCrown – Wizard
56. Worry – Love

“2020 was a crazy year for the entire planet and often at times seemed bleak and uninspiring… but not so much in the realms of stoner and doom music. Musicians from all over the world took this time to hone their craft and find exciting ways of getting new music out to the masses and Colorado was no exception.

I was very excited to be asked to build this compilation from the ground up and also as a way of getting to know the bands a bit more personally. But I was soon faced with the horrors on social media that a lot of these bands had broken up or just haven’t posted anything in months. Something that I had waited to be part of for years seemed like it was going to slip by because of events out of anyone’s control and I was heartbroken to say the least.

Soon the word got around and bands started pouring in over the next couple months and things quickly began to take shape. We ended up with a total of fifty-five bands doing what they do best in the great mountains of Colorado. To honor such an occasion we had famous stoner/doom artist, Steve Yoyada create a one-of-kind cover to capture the raw power coming from this compilation to your eagerly awaiting ears!

Thank you to all the bands involved for their support and patience in getting this compilation out there. Thanks to Forbidden Place Records and Coffin & Bolt Records for their support. Huge thanks to Billy and all the crew at Doomed and Stoned for the love and support. Keep Dooming On!”

~ Freddy Allen (Sun Of Grey)

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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