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Doomed & Stoned return to Greece with their new compilation »Doomed & Stoned in Hellas (Vol. II)«

Doomed & Stoned return to Greece with their new compilation »Doomed & Stoned in Hellas (Vol. II)«, featuring more than 40 underground bands, such as Arcadian Child, Stonus, Grande Fox, Black Juju, ΛΔΛΜ, Cargo Lift and many more.

01. Misanthropy Apotheosis – The Devil In Your Personal Hell
02. Hail Spirit Noir – The First Ape on New Earth
03. Calyces – Unfair Labor
04. Khirki – Black and Chrome
05. Wormhog – One Man
06. Supermoon – Serpent Spirit
07. 2 Headed Dogs – Death Race
08. Arcadian Child – Snakecharm
09. Icon Of God – Inside The Graves
10. Black Juju – Black Hearted River
11. Degenerate Mind – Acts Of Sober
12. Cargo Lift – Home
13. Friendzone – The Useless Strain Uncle
14. Hashiya – Savants
15. Shattered Hope – In Cold Blood
16. The Noise Figures – Pilgrims Of The Dark
17. Aeon Aphelion – Undying Distress
18. Man Down – Six Foot
19. Chipper – Brains On The Railings
20. Eriphion – There In The Other Constellation
21. H.O.G. – MySelf
22. Neptune Is Dead – Answers
23. Paranoid Reverb – Murder
24. Out Of The Earth – Fuckin’ Sick
25. Saint Nicotine – Enough With Poison
26. Fragment Soul – A Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies
27. Grip On Reality – The Lament Of Heracles
28. The Giant’s Fall – The End Of Talos
29. The Morphine Social Club – Starship Of Perception
30. Narcosis – Emperor
31. The Crimson Vibes – Sweet Addiction
32. Kokkinià – Give A Damn
33. ΛΔΛΜ / ADAM – Super Silver Haze
34. The Same River – Voyage/The Great Sea
35. Citrus Blossom – Stranger
36. The smallest Creature – Glow
37. Unverkalt – Solitude II
38. Zoobroznieff – Deep In The Asylum
39. Winterleaf – Leaves Of Winter
40. Hypnotic Nausea – The Death Of All Religions
41. Stonus – Evil Woman
42. Yiannis Iliakis – Vertical Horizon (Part 1)
43. Grande Fox – Overdose
44. Kalabrian Syndrome – Villa Romantica

“For well several decades now, the Greek heavy music scene has been building, building, and building towards an international eruption. We first caught wind of the action there with pioneering acts like Nightstalker, Planet Of Zeus, 1000mods, Naxatras, and Tuber. When you witness the draw of a band like Villagers Of Ioannina City in live, wide open spaces, you can only stand in awe of what this music means to its fans. It’s a very special vibe with endless variation.

That’s why we’re visiting Greece again.

Our second touchdown in this ancient cradle of democracy, science, and philosophy — the sequel to »Doomed & Stoned in Hellas« (2020) — takes us from Athens to Cyprus in search of exciting bands. We’ve found over 40 in all, unique and distinct from the first compilation to give you a greater feeling for the depth and breadth of doom metal, stoner rock, and a related subgenres. Many of these bands have been doing their thing for an impressive length of time, while others are just getting started. All of them, we believe, are worth your listening time.

As always, if you dig what you hear, please show the bands some love. You can click “info” to follow them and get their music. The purpose of this now 43-volume strong compilation series, since its inception 7 years ago, has been to throw a spotlight on the heavy music underground in places near and far, with an emphasis on “the Sabbath sound” and bands that trace their musical influence back to the birth of heavy music in the late-60s and early-70s, but we’ve also widened our scope to include progressive metal and genre-bending bands that defy strict classification.

Big thanks to Reek of STOOM, who did another fine job of scoping out groovy bands and curating them for your listening pleasure. Album art by Manthos Stergiou of Manster Design.”

Editor in Chief
Doomed & Stoned

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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