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Dungeon Weed stream their new double concept album »The Eye Of The Icosahedron«, out now via Forbidden Place Records

Oakland, California based doom synth act Dungeon Weed stream their new double concept album, »The Eye Of The Icosahedron«, which was just released on March 3rd, 2022 via Forbidden Place Records.

01. One Thousand Years Alive
02. The Dream Of The Eye Of The Icosahedron
03. Mesonoxian Revelations
04. Invocation Of
05. Dream Powder
06. Beyond The Door Of Meta-Consciousness
07. Decent Into The Psionic Abyss
08. The Inner Maze Of the Outer Mind
09. Gelatinous Vault Of Doom
10. Mesmeric Scintillitions
11. Hypnagogic Revelations
12. Twenty Planes Of Reality
13. Time Crash
14. Forgotten Chamber
15. Chronotopic Revelations
16. Return To Forever Sleep

Music, lyrics, recording, mixing, art by Dmitri Mavra.
Drums recorded by Chris McGrew & Liam Craddock (Wally’s Hyde Out).
Mastered by Justin Weiss (Trakworx).

From Forbidden Place Records:

Forbidden Place Records announces March 3rd release date for »The Eye Of The Icosahedron«, the new double album by Dungeon Weed!

Dungeon Weed’s first album, »Mind Palace Of The Mushroom God«, was conjured in the early days of pandemic lockdown as a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Dmitri Mavra (Skunk, Slow Phase) and Chris McGrew, studio engineer/session drummer at San Francisco’s Wally’s Hyde Out, along with singer Thia Moonbrook. A concept album in which a sorcerer bargains for immortality with Orcus, God of the Underworld, and makes a deal that goes horribly wrong, »Mind Palace Of The Mushroom God« was an instant hit with its eye-blasting artwork and heavy “wizard sludge” riffs. The band was signed to Forbidden Place Records within days and the first vinyl pressing sold out soon after.

Now, the story comes to an epic conclusion in the new double album as the sorcerer seeks the mystical gem that will free him from the curse of Orcus.

McGrew, Moonbrook, and Mavra are joined by synth lord Rama to weave this eldritch tale of dark, mind-bending magic. Hypnotic riffs flow seamlessly into dreamlike interludes, transporting the listener through the many shifting moods of this psychedelic doom epic. Dungeon Weed’s “wizard sludge” is unique a heavy doom sound that touches on stoner rock, black metal, dungeon synth, prog, and more.

CD and digital available at:
Vinyl pre-orders from Forbidden Place Records:

Dungeon Weed is:
Dmitri Mavra – Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synthesizer
Chris McGrew – Drums
Thia Moonbrook – Vocals
Rama – Synthesizer, Sounds

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