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Dutch dark folk artist Kati Rán announces her new full-length album »Sála« to be released on May 24th via Svart Records!

Dutch dark folk artist Kati Rán has signed with Svart Records to release her sophomore full-length album »Sála« on May 24th, 2024. Kati Rán is known for her work in film and video games.

01. Sála
02. Hefring
03. Kólga | 16
04. Blodbylgje
05. Dröfn | Drifting
06. Stone Pillars
07. Dúfa | Sleeping
08. Unnr | Mindbeach
09. Himinglæva
10. Hrönn
11. Bára | Bósi
12. Segið Mér
13. Sátta

Courtesy of Svart Records:

Dutch artist and Nordic folk pioneer Kati Rán announces her long-awaited 13-track full-length album »Sála« (old Norse for ‘sea’ and ‘soul’) together with the news of signing to Svart Records, Finland.

Kati Rán elaborates: “For me, signing to Svart Records was the most natural next step. Collaborating and releasing my music with Svart’s long-standing expertise in bringing out amazing artists and vinyl for true music connoisseurs, I’m grateful to be able to bring my audience a beautiful, elevated experience to enjoy my new Nordic Dark folk album »Sála«.

Together with Jaani Peuhu (Swallow The Sun, IANAI, Lord Of The Lost, Hallatar) and Christopher Juul (Heilung), my new album has been tenuously crafted and produced and is curated by my many years of writing, researching, and traveling the Northern landscapes, taking on board with me incredible artists, sounds and musicians to breathe the Nordic soul into the heart of this album.

I’m looking forward to opening the floodgates to »Sála« with the release of the first single and opening track »Stone Pillars« on the 23rd of February. It embraces our most vulnerable side, questions our mind, and attempts to resurrect or reposition ourselves through spinning with the Fates. It dips right into the heart of things.”

Photo by Ruben Terlouw

Svart Records is delighted to expand its international artist roster with the signing of established dark Nordic folk artist Kati Rán and to release her second full-length album »Sála«. Special vinyl editions in gold, transparent smoke, and black as well as digipack CDs are available for pre-order.

»Sála« features an impressive lineup of diverse musicians who lent their talents to the record, including Gaahl, Napalm Death’s Mitch Harris, members of Heilung, Sígur Rós, and many others!

Pre-saves and special vinyl editions in gold, transparent smoke, and black as well as digipack CDs are available for pre-order now:

Svart Records webstore:

Audio »Stone Pillars« feat. Gaahl Kristian Espedal, Mitch Harris (Napalm Death), Jaani Peuhu, the Icelandic choir Umbra Ensemble and Páll Guðmundsson, produced by Kati Rán and Jaani Peuhu.
Excerpt taken from the new Kati Rán album »Sála«, 2024.
Cover art photographed by Arne Beck – Photography Life, Norway.
Hand-drawn illustrations by Halfdan tattoo, Belgium.
Cover design design by Atelier Solawende, the Netherlands.
Headpiece jewelry by Madonna Oriente – Laura Petresc, Transylvania.

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