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Electric Meadow Festival presents a bootleg compilation, »Electric Meadow ’15«, featuring Talbot, Jegulja, Mother Witch, Soom and more

Electric Meadow Festival has just released a bootleg compilation, titled »Electric Meadow ’15«, featuring Risin Sabotage (Ukraine), Dreadnought In The Pond (Ukraine), H. Soror (Ukraine), Mother Witch (Ukraine), Rest In Haste (Czech Republic), Jegulja (Slovenia), Soom (Ukraine), Octopus Kraft (Ukraine) and Talbot (Estonia). All the tracks were recorded live through the mixing desk at the festival in Lviv, Ukraine in Summer 2015.

01. Risin Sabotage – Planet Dies
02. Dreadnought – Feeling Good
03. H.Soror – Easternson
04. Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts – Two Of Us
05. Rest in Haste – Burn Out Desert Fuel
06. Jegulja – Nord 06:00
07. Soom – Камінь
08. Octopus Kraft – Культ / Cult
09. Talbot – Observer X

Sound engineer – Vitaliy Drehel
Photo by Serge Kamenetskyi
Edited and curated by Oleh ~Atanas~ Balanda

“During its existence, the festival has accumulated many hours of audio recordings, you just had to sit down to listen to them and select the most valuable. After researching the archives, we have some ideas for releases, the first of which we want to offer you a compilation of tracks from live performances of guts Risin Sabotage, Dreadnought In The Pond, H. Soror, Mother Witch, Rest In Haste, Jegulja, Soom, Octopus Kraft and Talbot, recorded more than 5 years ago on Electric Meadow ’15.

The purpose of the release is to convey that unique vibe of the festival. We want to remind you that in this difficult time it is important to love and care for each other, to remember WHO we are! Try to relive this experience and share it with us in the comments.

If the idea of compilation did not leave you indifferent, you can purchase the whole album, thus giving us inspiration to prepare new releases.” says the lovely people behind Electric Meadow Festival.

*Electric Meadow is weed inspired outdoor festival & booking since 2013, located in Eastern Galicia, Ukraine.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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