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EyeHateGod releases a cover of Motörhead’s eponymous track »Motörhead« as a part of »Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead« compilation

NOLA sludge legends EyeHateGod releases a cover of Motörhead’s eponymous track »Motörhead« as a part of »Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead« compilation, out on June 19th, 2022 via Psycho Las Vegas house label Psycho Waxx.

EyeHateGod’s cover of »Motörhead« raises the stakes to hateful volumes and ungodly levels of sludge with Psycho Waxx’s latest release off »Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead«. This track has followed the career of Lemmy Kilmister from his days in Hawkwind. Sonically, no cover of Motörhead has ever sounded quite like EyeHateGod’s gnarled rendition. This is rock and roll from dark and demented sectors of the soul. Psycho Waxx brings you the music of Lemmy Kilmister through whole new lenses that every Psycho can appreciate. This is the 2nd single released off »Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead« with many more rounds in our barrel. You can see EyeHateGod at Psycho Swim 2022 where they will be headlining Ayu Day Club along with Midnight and Elder. EyeHateGod’s »Motörhead« follows Creeping Death’s wildly fun cover of »In The Name Of Tragedy«, together these tracks only preview the beginning of what is sure to be one of the greatest tribute records in modern time.

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About Psycho Waxx: How do you transmute America’s most legendary weekend of rock and roll debauchery into something every fanatic can rage to all year long? Press it on vinyl and send the Psycho out to the world. Announcing Psycho Waxx, the in-house label of Psycho Las Vegas, loaded with all the bombast, attitude, and fan-oriented curation as the festival you love. You win some and lose some, as Lemmy says, but with a run of exclusive live albums, special releases and studio records from a loaded roster of Psycho-approved artists in the cards, this pot is primed for you to take it down.

About »Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead«:

»Löve Me Förever« is Psycho Waxx’s tribute to one of the greatest rock ‘n roll bands of all time, featuring a slew of the biggest bombers from Psycho Las Vegas 2021 laying down their love in epic homage to the undeniable legends.

Shipping in mid-2022, »Löve Me Förever« is presented on a lavish double vinyl gatefold package, with insane Motörhead cuts recorded during our 2021 fest by the likes of High On Fire, Midnight, Exhorder, Blackwater Holylight, EyeHateGod, Cephalic Carnage, Mothership, Foie Gras, Howling Giant, Creeping Death and more, plus an all-star collaborative take on »Ace Of Spades« featuring Phil Anselmo, Gary Holt, Chuck Garric, Nick Oliveri and Dwid Hellion, among others. It’s everything you’d expect from Psycho as we throw down the gauntlet on our first official release.

The track listing for it runs as follows:
King Dude – Killed by Death
Stöner – R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
High On Fire – Iron Fist
Cephalic Carnage – Order / Fade To Black
EyeHateGod – Motörhead
Lord Buffalo – God Was Never On Your Side
Howling Giant w/ Chuck Garric & Calico Cooper – Love Me Like A Reptile
Mothership – Bomber
Foie Gras – Born To Lose
Psychlona – Iron Horse
Blackwater Holylight w/ Matt Pike – Please Don’t Touch
Creeping Death – In The Name Of Tragedy
The Bridge City Sinners – Go To Hell
Exhorder – Sacrifice
Death By Stereo – Born To Raise Hell
Midnight – Dirty Love
Relaxer – America
Phil Anselmo / Gary Holt / Kelley Juett / Sacha Dunable / Tom Polzine / Nick Oliveri / Dwid Hellion / Kyle Juett / Chuck Garric / Zach Wheeler – Ace Of Spades

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