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Finish stoner metal outfit Ceased Sunfire stream their debut EP »Sleepless«

Helsinki, Finland based stoner metal outfit Ceased Sunfire stream their debut EP, »Sleepless«, which was released on April 8th, 2022.

01. Were We Ever…
02. Dead To Me
03. Melting Stones

Music and lyrics by Aleksi Manninen. Arranged by Ale, Fellu & Juza.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Juho Karenko / CBH Recordings Feb-Apr 2022.
Cover design by Aleksi Manninen.
Produced by Juho Karenko and Jonas Eriksson.

Ceased Sunfire – Doomy Stoner from HEL

Ceased Sunfire is a new stoner metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The trio builds their music on huge riffs and guitarist/singer Ale’s brutal vocals, lyrics often being about feelings of desperation, helplessness, fears and bitterness. After an intense songwriting period Ale met drummer Juza and bass player Fellu, and the trio headed to studio and recorded their first EP.

“The age of covid followed by the war Ukraine have shocked the generation used to totally different lifestyle. These songs were written during the second year of covid, after hearing from many how the next steps in life are getting more and more difficult to comprehend. Those moods I wanted to explore in the lyrics, and the often desperate world brought out the most aggressive music I’ve ever written,” says Ale.

Ceased Sunfire’s debut EP »Sleepless« was released April 8, 2022 and has already gotten some really nice reviews.

After the release of the teaser EP the band is continuing working on more music, promotion, booking gigs and finding a label.

Ceased Sunfire is:
Ale – Vocals, Guitars
Fellu – Bass
Juza – Drums

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