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Finnish 90s epic doom metal band Majesty resurrects as Lord Gravehill and presents the first of the digital re-releases!

Lord Gravehill is a continuation of Finnish epic doom metal outfit Majesty. Listen to the first of the digital re-releases of the original 90s Majesty material, »Majesty Archives I: The Natural Architect And Crown Of Scorpio«, which was just released on January 20th, 2023

01. The Natural Architect MMXXIII (re-recorded version)
02. Nothingness Fornevermore (EP)
03. Upon The Blood Red (EP)
04. Blessed Aloof (EP)
05. The Natural Architect (demo)
06. Reptilian Temptation (demo)
07. The Universal (demo)
08. The Black Dream Of Ishtar (demo)
09. Sea Of Blood (compilation only track)

90s doom metal band Majesty has resurrected as Lord Gravehill. The 20 year hiatus in between has only strengthened the doomy resolve. 2022 sees the release of both new Lord Gravehill material and also digital re-releases on old Majesty releases, including previously unreleased debut album »Earthbound«.

The mastermind behind the project is Marko Hautamäki, mainly known as guitarist/composer of legendary Finnish gothic rock band Two Witches.

Marko Hautamäki comments: “Here it is! The first of the digital re-releases of the original 90s Majesty material. This one contains »The Natural Architect« demo tape, »Crown Of Scorpio« MCD and »Sea Of Blood« track that only appeared on one compilation album. To top it off, there’s a brand new version of the demo title track »The Natural Architect MMXXIII« accompanied by a lyric video. Also available on all streaming services so pick the one you use.

Majesty was my original one-man doom metal band, that on 2022 was resurrected as Lord Gravehill. Those in the know will find parallels to the original demo and EP artworks here (both originally made by Jukka Siikala).”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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