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Finnish alternative rock outfit Cvlt Ov The Svn stream a lyric video for the brand new single »Hellbound«

Finnish alternative rock outfit Cvlt Ov The Svn stream a lyric video for the brand new single »Hellbound« taken from their upcoming debut album, »We Are The Dragon«, set to release on May 7th, 2021 via Napalm Records.

01. We Are The Dragon
02. My Venom
03. Don’t Be Tender Love Me Cruel
04. Hellbound
05. Dancing With The Devil
06. Twilight
07. I’m Gonna Find Out
08. Luna In The Sky Forever
09. The Murderer
10. Whore Of Babylon
11. The Pit
12. Another Infinity

From Napalm Records:

“When I wrote these songs, I wanted to push people’s boundaries,” says the mysterious creative visionary behind Finnish alternative rockers Cvlt Ov The Svn. The music he’s been quietly orchestrating over the last few years feels dangerously unsettling, lacing its churning heaviness with sweet and seductive pop melodies that eat their way through your ears and into your central nervous system.

Titled »We Are The Dragon«, the debut album will now see release via a new worldwide deal with legendary Austrian label Napalm Records. “The Dragon has been a symbol of darkness from ancient times,” explains the enigmatic composer, adding “for me the inspiration is the darkness itself, as I am able to understand it.”

In addition to the macabre thrills of their music, there’s the character he takes on stage, twisting the dagger of perception even further in ways more like your favourite horror movies. It all makes for a combined experience that cuts deep and close to the bone, as all great art should, he believes…

“I call our music Occult Murder Pop,” reveals the man behind the music. “There are elements of metal, because I started out as a black metal drummer. But I’ve always liked good music from any genre. I grew up listening to Roxette when I was little and I love their melodies. So this band is all about that angle, the intensity of the lyrics and atmosphere but also seductive in other ways – partly inspired by greats like Type O Negative, Marilyn Manson and Turbonegro. Our single »Luna In The Sky Forever« received a lot of airplay on American radio, so we’re excited to see how everyone reacts to our debut full-length.”

Of his identity within the project, which features additional musicians to bring their ethereal manifestations to life on stage, he stresses the importance of being as experimental as the songs themselves. There are already big plans around how Cvlt Ov The Svn’s leader will morph through the sonic dualities at play, his own story arc evolving alongside the dark tales recited in the music.

“I wanted to come up with ideas that make you go, ‘What the fuck?!’” he continues. “It’s easier to tell those grim stories through another identity, another character. Black cloaks just go with it, obviously. I’m a big fan of suspense and this kind of content is all about the surprises. I find it is an intriguing realm to explore. But there’s still some secrecy around who I am! When you’re this excited about sharing your art with the masses, you should have it all planned. I want to make an impact. After all, isn’t rock’n’roll all about conquering the world? So what if the world is in great turmoil right now. No one has a crystal ball. Whatever lies ahead, Cvlt Ov The Sun will adapt and thrive.”

Much like heavy metal originators Black Sabbath, who saw horror fans queuing at their local cinema, and in more recent times Ghost, who have harnessed sacred practices to make their own rituals the stuff of legend, Cvlt Ov The Svn’s inspiration stems from the conceptually rich. It offers an escapism that feels very much needed at times when it looks like things are falling apart, the human race seemingly doomed and cursed in a way that’s far worse than any 90 minute melee of guts and gore.

“The Exorcist is obviously a classic,” notes the Cvlt Ov The Svn mastermind, of the movies that sparked his love for the dark side. “I love the atmosphere of it. I especially love the psychological horrors, which might not have as much gore and blood everywhere, but really mess with your mind. I love The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp, it has very intense atmospheres. People are afraid of things they don’t understand, but it can resonate in different ways. It can make you think and wonder about yourself… why do you like the dark? Horror movies give you adrenaline and a sense of anxiety. The point of art is to make an emotional impact, whether it’s good or evil. I want to explore the intensities people won’t ever forget.”

The man at the helm feels confident his songs will cut through the noise and make that long-lasting impression he speaks of, perhaps mostly because – despite all the theatrics – his art comes from a very real place. As he wryly points out, why should anyone else believe in what you do if you don’t yourself to begin with… “I think a lot of today’s mainstream music is very mellow and safe,” he admits, when asked what’s missing from rock music today, noting how many groups seem to second-guess their creative urges instead of relying on that all-important primal instinct. This band is his chance to change that.

“There’s no sense of danger and in my humble opinion, rock and roll is all about danger. Which is why Ghost have stood out so much, the first time I saw what they were doing I found it very interesting and well thought-out, yet still dangerous. You can tell Tobias Forge is a very clever guy. I also love rawness of bands like The Backyard Babies. Then there’s Pantera, who were a big influence on our single »The Pit« – maybe not so much musically, but definitely in terms of its meaning and self-belief: ‘I am everything and you are nothing’. In many ways, that’s how I feel about this music, that’s how much I believe in it. So watch this space.”

His words leave little trace of doubt. Finally, here’s a cvlt worth joining.

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