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Finnish doom/stoner metal trio Onkalo released their self-titled debut EP, available now in digital format

Finnish doom/stoner metal trio Onkalo presents their self-titled debut EP, which was released on May 7th, 2023 in digital format.

01. Tyhjyyteen
02. Skisma
03. Ikiuni

Onkalo is a three-piece doom/stoner band from Mikkeli, Finland. The name Onkalo is translated in English as cavity, pit, hollow or hole.

The band started as a trio in early 2023 and so far they have played one gig and went to record three songs in their friend’s country house. “On that session we set an 8-tracker in the corner of the living room. Drums were in the middle of the room and guitar amps behind the big stone oven and the bass amp on the other side of the oven. The sounds were set and then we started to jam…” the band recalls.

Now those songs are available on Bandcamp, Spotify and YouTube. The lyrics are in Finnish and they are doomy.

Photos by Kamila

In the first song »Tyhjyyteen« (Into The Void) an unknown person is riding his rocket fueled vehicle into the void while the tree of life is burning. He tries to exit his known world by riding fast enough through the horizon, from between heaven and earth into the void. He races through burning branches into the darkness, hoping that the emptiness inside of him will fulfill that way.

The second song »Skisma« (Schism) is about how the other party abandoned and turned back on them with no regrets and placed themselves above them.

In the third song »Ikiuni« (The Everlasting Sleep) transcendental world is waiting for the singer. He is walking to the necropolis with an evil eye staring at him. His life has taken certain turns earlier in life and now he is doomed to death and he knows his destiny.

Music and lyrics by A.
Arrangements by Onkalo.
Recorded by Topi in Juva May 3-5, 2023.
Cover by T.

Onkalo is:
A – Guitar, Vocals
T – Bass
M – Drums

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