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Finnish doomsters Funeral For Two released their self-titled debut EP on August 20th via Inverse Records

Finnish doom metal trio Funeral For Two just released their self-titled debut EP on August 20th via Inverse Records.

01. Sculpture Of A Demon
02. Forgotten Souls

Mikke Sillanpää comments: “I started this band as a personal project just to play the kind of music I’ve been dreaming of. Slow, low and fuzz. Three words you can’t go wrong!

After a while I realized that this music must be played live as a band. I asked two of my really good friends to jam with me. Soon we discovered this is the way it should be. At the beginning it was just jamming around different riffs, drinking beer and stuff like that…
But recording songs was my goal from the beginning. I talked to my friend Jiri Mustajärvi, he has a homerecording studio. I had two songs to put on tape. Jiri did all the work with recording and mixing. He also played drums (because of Covid-19).

After ready with these songs they were released on bandcamp. A few days later Inverse Records wanted to work with us. We also made a video for »Sculpture Of A Demon«. It’s just a simple rehearsal room video just like we wanted it to be. Our plan is to do couple of more new songs to have a full setlist. And then it’s time for liveshows. Stay doomed!”

Funeral For Two is:
Mikke Sillanpää – Guitar, Vocals
Jetro Santaharju – Bass
Pete Rukkila – Drums

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