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Finnish psychedelic doom band KITA announce vinyl release of their debut album via No Profit Recordings

Finnish psychedelic doom band KITA announce vinyl release of their debut album »Ocean Of Acid«, out on August 27th, 2021 via No Profit Recordings.

»Ocean Of Acid« tracklist:
01. ψ
02. Astral Abyss
03. Siren Song Of Eternity
04. Sagittarius Eye
05. Ocean Of Acid

From No Profit Recordings:

KITA is a Finnish collective producing psychedelic, doomy, progressive, sludgy metal music, accompanied with strange videos. KITA is a word of Finnish language, meaning a huge, ugly, frightening mouth. All-devouring maw. Like a vortex of light at the ending of life, the music of KITA allows you to dive in, to take a trip through the darkest corners of your soul.

Music and art of KITA embraces the psychedelic nature of death and dying. Band draws its inspiration from the urge to dive into the unknown, to rise above the everyday state of mind and see things from a different angle. To its members KITA is a meditation in seeing the beauty of life through its negation: empty, dark void of death. Bleak Finnish nature and long winter plays a huge part in this mindset.

Musically KITA has its influences from psychedelic metal, doom and progressive rock bands, like Oranssi Pazuzu, Tool, Ufomammut, Kingston Wall, Mastodon, Pink Floyd and Isis, but also from psychedelic electronic music, film music and sound design. You can also hear the history of bashing hardcore punk, thrash and progressive metal in guitars, bass and drumming. Now it has come time to lean back a little and feel the weight of the fuzzier tones and psychedelic soundscapes.

KITA was formed in 2020 during the pandemic spring, but the members share a long history playing together in different bands and projects, f.ex. bands like Vapahtaja, Blackhill and Chaos. KITA’s first record, »Ocean Of Acid« was recorded in late 2020. Songs were written by the guitar player and the vocalist Jonne couple of years in advance, but with the new lineup these pieces found their current sound. »Ocean Of Acid« is a loosely thematic, psychedelic dive into the depths of a psyche. The main character is a truth seeking diver, experiencing ones last moments in the bottom of an ocean.

Digital version via No Profit Recordings is scheduled for June 28th and vinyl release on August 27th. Vinyl pre-orders will start with digital release. Vinyl will be available in two versions, 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on orange marbled vinyl. Both versions will be hand-numbered.

KITA is:
Jonne – Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Effects
Topi – Bass, Backing Vocals
Aatu – Drums, Percussion
Kati – Vocals
Niina – Vocals, Keys

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