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Finnish space/kraut/psych rock solo project Astral Magic released a brand new studio album »Magical Kingdom« via Tonzonen Records

Finnish space/kraut/psych rock solo project Astral Magic has just released a brand new studio album »Magical Kingdom« on June 17th, 2022 via Tonzonen Records

Mastermind Santtu aka Dj Astro comments: “I’d like to welcome you all to take part in this journey into the land of dreams and fairy tales, full of mystery and imagination. I want to thank all my co-pilots, especially Jay Tausig who has worked so hard to improve my songs with his skills. Thanks also to Dirk and Alex at Tonzonen for making this release a dream come true on one of my favourite labels. You guys rule!”

01. Magical Kingdom
02. Dimension Link
03. On Hollow Land
04. Rainbow Butterfly
05. Lost Innocense
06. The Hidden City
07. The Pale-skinned Man
08. Seven Planes

Astral Magic is a new solo project by ex-Dark Sun bass player Santtu also known as Dj Astro. During the covid-19 lockdown the idea came from the stars to do something creative to kill the extra time and get seriously into home-recording.

Astral Magic has no definitive style or form, but everything is and will be spacey and psychedelic. Since the project was started in March 2020, around 300 tracks have been created. Some of the tracks are cosmic, ambient excursions into other dimensions, some are more space/kraut/psych/prog rocking in the vein of Hawkwind, Gong, Eloy, Pink Floyd, Neu!, etc. Many international musician friends have participated in the recordings.

»Magical Kingdom« can be considered as the first psychedelic prog rock album by Astral Magic. The listener is taken into another mysterious, magical world. Other musicians on the album include multi-instrumentalist Jay Tausig (US, drums, guitar, saxophone, flute), Gregory Curvey (US, guitar, glockenspiel), Peter Dingham (UK, guitar), Markku Helin (FI, guitar), Anton Barbeau (US, guitar) and Perttu Lindberg (FI, drums). The album was mastered by Eroc for maximum sound quality.

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The adventurers in »Magical Kingdom«:
Santtu Laakso: music, lyrics, production, mix, vocals, synthesizers, bass, guitar
Jay Tausig: drums, guitar, saxophone, flute
Gregory Curvey: guitar, glockenspiel (A1)
Peter Bingham: guitar (A2)
Markku Helin: guitar (B1)
Anton Barbeau: guitar (B3)
Perttu Lindberg: drums (A3)
Eroc: mastering
Vesa Peltonen: cover painting
Stefan Bahlk ( cover design
Pate Vuorio: original Astral Magic logo

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