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Florida sludge/stoner/thrash metal trio God-Rot dropped their self-titled debut full-length album

Fort Lauderdale, Florida based sludge/stoner/thrash metal trio God-Rot stream their self-titled debut full-length album, out this Friday, November 11th, 2022.

01. Damnation And Pain
02. Conflagration
03. Liar’s Eyes
04. Jack The Ripper
05. Yoko
06. Sludget
07. The Table
08. Shinigami Eyes

“We are South Florida’s premier giant slaying sludge/stoner metal band. Spark one up and come for a ride with us.”

Since 2016, God-Rot has been bringing their unique blend of sludge/thrash/death metal to the South Florida area. Guitarist and vocalist Matt Chalich places his distinctive lyrical style with shrill highs and low death growls over the pulsating double bass of drummer Johnny Larison and thundering bass of Sondra Hemmerick for a sound that can only be described as rot and roll.

About »God-Rot«:

God-Rot’s long awaited debut album is a journey through many metal genres. From sludge to thrash to death to doom, God-Rot runs the gamut and leaves you wanting more. Matt Chalich showcases his diverse vocal range, from shrill high to powerful mid-range to low death growls. Venerable drummer Johnny Larison brings the heat with his signature, pulsating double-bass driven style. Veteran bassist Sondra Hemmerick keeps the low end low with a unique blend of octaves which compliment Chalich’s guitar parts. Take a sonic voyage through this self-titled work six years in the making.

All songs written and performed by God-Rot.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Derek Roddy.

God-Rot is:
Matt Chalich – Guitar / Vocals
Sondra Hemmerick – Bass
Johnny Larison – Drums

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